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Here you can find the wins for the Weybridge Rowing Club Junior Squad by event. 

22/06/08- Thames Valley Park

J13 1x

Elliot Tarrant

18/5/07 - Maidenhead Junior Regatta

J15 4x+

Crew: Grace Lewis, Jennie O'Neil, +, +, +

Weybridge / Guildford Composite - Win

11/11/07 - Teddington Small Boats Head

J16 2x

Jack Shepherd and James Coxhead

10/10/07 - Weybridge Silver Sculls

J16 1x

James Coxhead

9/9/07 - Cambridge Autumn Regatta

S4 1x

Danny Garrett

WN 2x

Alice Turton, Victoria Tomalin

WJ 2x

Emma Disher, Lizzy Adlington

WJ16 4x+

Emily Allen, Olivia Flowerday, Olivia Conroy, Kat Tviet, Cox. Kirsten Owens

2/9/07 - Lea Regatta


Tom Capel, Tom Oxton, George Flowerday, Jackson Lippold

S4 4x

Tom Capel, Alex Tarrant, George Flowerday, Jackson Lippold

J16 2x

James Coxhead, Jack Shepherd

J15 2x

James Capel, Liam Maloney

WJ 2x

Diana Llewellyn, Pippa Maloney

WJ16 2x

Kirsten Owens, Inga Hertzog

WJ15 2x

Emily Allen, Kat Tviet

MN 2x

Matt Beagley, Emma Disher

S4 1x

Alex Tarrant

J16 1x

James Coxhead

WN 1x

Katy Lynch

WJ 1x *Qualifying event under ARA rules

Emma Disher

25/8/07 - Gloucester Regatta

WJ16 2x

Diana Llewellyn and Pippa Maloney

WJ16 4x

Diana Llewellyn, Pippa Maloney, Lizzy Adlington and Inga Herzog

4/8/07 - Sudbury Regatta

S4 1x

Danny Garrett

M 2x

James Piercy and Kat Tviet 

22/7/07 - Molesey 'Regatta' (Done on ergos)

J15 1x

Jack Shepherd was not due to race today having been up in Nottingham the previous two days for Nat Champs, but turned up and entered last minute to win the 500m sprint ergo event.

J14 4x+

James Capel, James Styles, James Young and Rob Littlewood won the J14 4x+ ergo event impressively. Alex Keenes provided vocal encouragement for his crew.

24/6/07 - Thames Valley Park Regatta

J15 2x

Jack Shepherd and James Coxhead registered another impressive win in their double scull combination. In the semi-final of the three lane sprint competition they fought off Henley and Eton Excelsior before winning impressively in the final - beating Hampton School and Kings School Canterbury.

9/6/07 - Walton & Weybridge Regatta

J15 2x

Jack Shepherd and James Coxhead

N 1x

Alex Tarrant

3/6/07 - Weybridge Ladies Regatta

WJ16 2x

Diana Llewellyn and Kirsten Owens


Victoria Tomalin - First win on racing debut, Katy Lynch, Rowenna Bowen, Alice Turton, Cox. Kirsten Owens

20/5/07 - Thames Ditton Regatta

WJ 4x

Diana Llewellyn, Alice Turton, Katy Lynch and Rowenna Bowen

J15 2x - Plate Competition

Jack Shepherd and James Coxhead

6/5/07 - Evesham Regatta (Sunday Short Course)

J15 2x

James Coxhead and Jack Shepherd teamed up to compete in J15 2x. Their first opposition (Wycliffe Sculling Centre) managed to capsize on the way up to the start, which meant that they had to wait until they could race. An hour later, and they raced the crew that had capsized and won easily. They then went on to race an Evesham crew, who they completely surprised and beat by 2½ lengths, in and doing so upset the Evesham strokeman who then 'threw his toys out of the pram'. This then got them through to the final, where they raced a crew from Bideford who had previously beaten them. With 200m to go, and hungry for revenge, they stepped up the rating and power and beat Bideford by ¾ of a length.

MN 2x

Matt Beagley (Walton RC) and Kirsten Owens teamed together to create a mixed novice double known as "Beauty and the Beast". They beat a double from Warwick, and then easily beat another Warwick double in the final.

Click here for the full write up, on our News page.

21/4/07 - Junior Inter-Regional Regatta

WJ16 2x - B Final Winners

Kirsten Ownes and Diana Llewellyn

J16 8+ - B Final Winners

Jack Shepherd, James Coxhead, Oliver Tomalin - With Walton RC and Kingston Grammar School

4/2/07 - Thames Valley Trials

WJ16 2x

Obviously not bored of winning, the undefeatable pairing of Kirsten Owens and Diana Llewellyn came out on top of a difficult field to win the WJ16 2x catagory in a time of 8:11.7, some 9 seconds ahead of their nearest competitors. This win showed that the girls are able to win at any level of competition, which bodes well for the future.

WN 2x

After a slow start to their racing careers, Rowenna Bowen and Katy Lynch seem to have the bit between their teeth now as they made it 2 wins from 2 races this year. Their time of 8:48.7 may not have been as quick as their J16 teammates', but shows great potential from this double - expect to see their names appear on this page many more times in the future. 

WN 4x

As though winning once was not enough, the 2 girls doubles combined in a coxless quad to win the women's novice event showing great crew combatibility after spending not a great deal of time together as a crew.

14/1/07 - Maidstone Small Boats Head

WJ16 2x

Once again another admirable win for the duo of Kirsten Owens and Diana Llewellyn. With three consecutive wins in a row, they seem unstoppable. Kirsten and Diana also achieved the fastest Woman's double of the day.

N 2x

After only two previous outings in a boat together the compatibility of Matt Beagley (Walton RC) and Chris Jones proved to be impressive pair, winning their catagory by 15 seconds.

WN 2x

A brilliant race following months of intensive training for the girls produced a well deserved first ever win for Katie Lynch and Rowenna Bowen, with hopefully many more to come. 


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