Pre Henley Party - 21st June 2009 

The extravaganza of the summer

Weybridge Rowing Club - Vets, Seniors and Juniors - Imagine the possibilities in 2009 - and beyond

A fantastic evening was had by all at this year's Pre-Henley Summer Ball.  Lynda Bolding and her huge team of helpers (that is a team with lots of people, rather than the people being huge ;-) decorated the island like it's never been done before with streamers, lights, candles and balloons festooned everywhere. 

Created mainly by the Junior Squad Parents this was a fine setting for the wonderful meal and music filled evening to come.  Dave's Disco played a wide variety of music which had everyone up and moving - even Rob Oades forsook his pint and was seen to be surrounded by a bevy of lovely ladies.  The younger youngsters danced solidly all night and had a great time.  Music ranged from solid favourites by ABBA to Grease and some stuff that only the youngsters would recognise.  The old ones from Glen Miller also got an outing and loads of people up.

The 'senior Juniors' created their own party area whilst most of the boys did their usual thing and stood resolutely refusing to dance - but not all as a number of junior boys were dragged onto the dance floor to bop and groove (or whatever the current terminology is). 

The bar looked great and did a brisk trade all evening.  Thanks to Seb, Lloyd, Matt, Rachel, Keith and Peter for their long stints.  Keith, Roy and Graham also set-to to carve the hog which was the centrepiece of the evening.  It was very tasty, moist and juicy and the salads, pastas and hot potatoes went down a treat.  Many thanks to all who made them. 

The Raffle was drawn by Derek Holmes and announced by Jack Percival and about a dozen people took home prizes ranging from a fresh victoria sponge cake to a wonderful flower arrangement to a CD/Radio and lots of other prizes in between.  The raffle raised about £200 for Club funds so thank you to all those who purchased tickets.

Although it looks as if she's about to burst into song, Caroline was actually thanking Lynda and her team for their tremendous and spectacular effort.  She also particularly thanked Matt Beagley, Jack Percival and Chris Jones for their dedicated coaching over the last few years.  The guys will be going off to University in September and the Club will lose valuable and appreciated coaching colleagues.

As if they don't get enough of it during the day, the girls decided a little more rowing was in order... and not to be left out - you can see the adults are doing it too - a little too much body lean I think... and I've told them never to let go of their blades!  Now if only I could find the video I took - and the YouTube address ...

This was a spectacular and fun evening; those who didn't come missed a treat and hopefully we will see you next year!