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The Junior members of Weybridge Rowing Club not only have to worry about reeling in the race wins , but also about looking their best, because there's always a camera or two lurking!

September 2010

Here we have links to all our photos and videos for the Junior Squad. The Junior Squad are always caught in the act and the links on this page will help you find the media articles you are looking for. 

Photo of the month

Weybridge RC kit in a not-so-familiar location - Land's End, Cornwall.

WRCjnr Squad Photo Album

Click above to access the WRCjnr Squad online photo album. Pictures and videos from various Weybridge Rowing Club events will be posted there.

Thames Valley Trials - February 2007

A very productive day brought about 3 wins (all from the girls), one very close call (a 4s difference between Jack Shepherd and James Coxhead and the winners) and a whole load of photos!

Maidstone SBH - January 2007

Another fantastic display by the junior squad show in pictures for those wanting to enjoy the occasion.

Christmas Dinner - December 2006

Another fantastic Christmas Dinner providing us with more photos to show. Thanks to James Coxhead for providing and hosting these photos on his account. If you want to do the same and have any photos to share, please contact our team. 

Annual Dinner and Dance - November 2006

 Another fantastic year for the Dinner and Dance and there are two places you can go to find the evidence of what you looked like strutting your stuff. You will find photos:

 Enjoy looking and remember to email your photos to us if you have any more.

Cambridge Autumn Regatta - September 2006 

The final regatta of the season was celebrated in style by the three wins we got, and the many impressive performances from other individuals and crews.

Lea Regatta - September 2006

A fantastic day was made even sweeter by the 5 wins that Weybridge RC picked up, with several individuals in particular catching the eye.

Oxford Sprint Regatta - August 2006

Fondly renamed 'The Oxford Stag-Do' due to the fact that for once there were no womens crews racing for Weybridge. The regatta was enjoyable, hardfought, but fruitless - something that is about as uncommon for WRC as having an all male contingent.

Rag Regatta - August 2006

A regatta boasting events like no other, but a day that everyone enjoyed. The smiles captured in these photos are a testiment to all those who's hard work went into the planning of the annual event. Thank you to Brian Farnham and Nick Coxhead for the photos.

Burway Regatta - July 2006

Another Regatta and another chance to show off skills, this is the place to find the photos of the great day and of the people racing on that day.

 Staines Regatta - July 2006

Staines Regatta provided yet another chance for the Junior squad to show off their skills, which they took in their stride. Some excellent wins and some great photos to show off what happened on that day.

President's Reception - July 2006

Guests were entertained by an 'on-the-water' demonstration of some of the skills that the junior squad had learnt as well as an audio-visual presentation prepared by the WRCjnr Team to get new boats for the junior squad.

WRC Capsize Day and BBQ - July 2006

A day in which the juniors (and some daring seniors) learned how to properly (and safely) capsize the boat and get back in it. They also had the enjoyment of sampling the first batch of hot-dogs and burgers from the new WRC barbeque.

Pre-Henley Ball - June 2006

A chance for the Weybridge Rowing Club members to put on their best clothes and head out for a great evening where everyone had a fantastic time.

Beford Star Regatta (Short Course) - June 2006

With a total of 18 WRC entries into this regatta, the event was a chance to give everyone a runout; and we even picked up two wins along the way.

Walton and Weybridge Regatta - June 2006

Photos of WRC's representation of our home regatta. With prefect conditions and a rather delicious looking food tent, the day was enjoyed by all.

Weybridge Ladies Regatta - June 2006

A regatta for just the ladies. Again we had perfect conditions, with two wins to celebrate for the Junior Squad. Thank you to James 'Fred' Coxhead for the photos.

Thames Ditton Regatta - May 2006

These are the photos taken at the local Thames Ditton Regatta. We had three wins to round off a very enjoyable and action packed day!

Evesham Regatta - April 2006

The photos taken at the Evesham Regatta - The weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by all, especially those who managed to bring home a win. 

WRCjnr Party - Spring 2006

See the WRCjnr's partying the night away at one of the many social events that happen during the season. All who attended had a great time.

WRCjnr Team Photo - Spring 2006

WRC juniors on their spring photo day in 2006. There are just a few of the many juniors we now have taking enjoying their time at Weybridge Rowing Club.

Teddington Sculls - April 2006 (Video)

This is the video of the Junior Squad at Teddington Sculls 2006 rowing through to a wide range of results at another great event.

The Junior Squad 1 Minute (Video)

This video shows in just over 1 minute the views of the Junior squad in March and April 2006 for a future presentation.

The Junior Squad "Vox Pops" April (Video)

 The Junior squad give their views about the current junior squad and their views for the future.

The Junior Squad "Vox Pops" March (Video)

The Junior squad give their views about the current junior squad and their views for the future.