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The latest it happens:

18th December 2009 - next junior rowing course

Application forms have been emailed to interested parties for the Spring 2010 junior rowing course.  CC

14th December 2009 - updates

Check out 'Jon's Page' and 'Guest Editor' pages as these have been updated.  CC

12th December 2009 -  Walton Small Boats

Unfortunately WSB had to be cancelled due to a strong stream.  The next event on the reach is Weybridge Winter Head. CC

14th November 2009 - Dinner Dance

A great evening enjoyed by all.  Well done to Lynda, Caroline and John and many thanks to all who attended.  Deserved winners of the 'Junior of the Year' trophy were Ben Jeffries and Ant Meyer with Entries Secretary Tracey Westbey being awarded the Spreadbury Cup for non-rowing services to the Club. CC


7th November 2009 - Henley Sculls

Cool but bright and a lovely bit of river.  No pot wins but creditable performances from Any and Ben and Natalie and Becky.  Toby Jeffries won his category (but was the only one in it!).  CC

5th November 2009 - Weybridge Physio

Jeremy from Weybridge Physio is coming to the club this evening to talk about bones and stuff.  All Junior squad and parents welcome.  Starts 18:30, please be prompt.  CC

4th November 2009 - Rachel

Rachel has been moved to ward F7S at Southampton General, and is able to receive visitors.  CC  Update 8/11/09 - recovering slowly but imobilised.

2nd November 2009 - Rachel Kornberg

WRCjnr is shocked to learn that Rachel and Andrew Fisher were involved in a serious car accident on the way to the south coast on Saturday last.  Andrew is out and about but Rachel, Harriet and Daniels' mum, and Hon Sec to Weybridge RC, is in intensive care at Southampton General Hospital with a broken arm, broken ribs and squashed internals.  Thankfully she is expected to make a full recovery.  She is very annoyed, apparently, because it means she can't race at Teddington on Sunday ...  CC

1st November - Membership

Membership lapsed on 1st November for anyone who has not paid (or made arrangements to pay) their 2009/10 subscription. Under the club's rule #8 anyone wishing to apply now should submit an application form and add a £10 joining fee to their subs.  WRC

15th October - Special Thursday sessions

On Thursday 5th November our sponsor Weybridge Physiotherapy will be coming to talk to the Junior squad about muscles, bones and how to use them and look after them.  This is essential information for young athletes and attendence is highly advised.  On Thursday 12th November WP will be along with the latest equipment to check alignment of bones and spines - your chance for a free check-up.  Don't miss it.  CC

6th October - James Coxhead

At the committee meeting on 6th October, James Coxhead's appointment as 'Junior Captain of Boats' was ratified.  CC

30th September - new HSCT Coach

We have a new Henley Stewards' Charitable Trust Coach - Katy Knowles.  Katy has experience in training juniors to a competitive level at Dame Alice Harpur School, Bedford, and is studying for a Postgraduate degree in Sports Coaching at Loughborough University.  She will be helping to run the Tuesday evening sessions and every other Sunday she will be at the Club.  CC

26th September - Quiz night

A great Quiz evening excellently organised by Jenny and Roy Miller, with help from (among others) the Boldings and Coxheads.  The evening, which was attended by nearly 90 Weybridge members out of a total of about 120 people, raised over £1,800 for the club.  Many thanks to you all, and especially to Jenny who obtained so many great raffle prizes.  CC

21st September - events

Head over to the events page to check out the Head events we are planning until Christmas.  CC

19th/20th September - breakfasts

The breakfasts are back!  Come hungry!  New this year - pre-ordering.  Please place your order with the breakfast team, so they can be preparing some of it ready for your return from your outing. CC

14th September 2009 - Sports Fair, Esher College

The Weybridge Junior Section (i.e. me) represented the Club at the Sports Fayre at Esher College today.  CC

13th September 2009 - Cambridge

Wow, a busy, busy day at Cambridge Autumn Regatta which started for some at 4am.  Nineteen events, Eight finals, no less, but only one pot at the end of the day (for Alex - recovered from his injury at Gloucester - in J16 1x).  Once again, some very close finishes which give the vibrant Weybridge RC supporters heart stoppages.  Ant and Ben, determined to make this their first win were pipped at the post, but only just, as were Charlie Capel and Helen and Ellie D.  Ellie P and new member Sammy, despite not having rowed together before, showed their professionalism by pushing their opponents all the way, losing by only 1/3 length.  Too many great performances to mention individually including three first competitive events (Claudia, Natalie and Ellie Derham).  'Other Wey Up' reprised it's capsize of last year but this time with Ellie Price and Will Bolding aboard.  

So now we turn our attention to the heads, of which more in due course.  CC

3rd September - cheerio, Tom

Tom Oades has been invited to trial for the Molesey racing squad and tonight was his last night at Weybridge.  Tom had his last club supper - hand made from scratch by the coaches (where else does that happen) - and Jon wished him well.  I am sure we will see him around.  CC

31st August 2009 - Gloucester and Ross Regattas

A well earned pot for James and Tom in their double at Gloucester.  Ben and Ant gave us all heat attacks as they piled their way into finals (I couldn't watch at Ross!) but just got pipped at the post in both events.  At Ross they beat both Upper Thames and Llanduff so they've put down a marker.  Alice and Ally seem to have found form and did particularly well at Gloucester.  Alex had to pull up in the second heat of his J15 1x at Gloucester with a pulled calf muscle and it put him out for the rest of the weekend. Toby Jeffries trailed in a semi at Ross by 1 length - after his seat came off the runners; he stopped, repaired and re-started!  Everyone did really well and I believe a good time was had by all participants.  The Weybridge RC supporters turned out in force and thanks to Jenny and Roy Miller we had not only breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday, but a Full English Breakfast to boot, with eggs, bacon, sausages, toms, beans, porridge, cereal, juice - the works, with fruit and cakes during the day.  Well done and thanks to them.  Jon and I would like to particuarly thank the parents who came up to the events for their support for their daughters and sons, and for their help to us.  CC

31st July 2009 - Taster courses

The first ever junior 'taster' course ran successfully for the last two days of July, giving 24 youngsters the opportunity to try rowing over a couple of days.  We will be seeing some again, I have no doubt. CC

26th July 2009 - Burway Regatta

Ok, so I thought Staines was good, and it was, but Weybridge did well at Burway too.  Tom Oades and James Capel won again at J16 2x (Walton were disqualified for taking an inventive line on the course), Rachel and Liz won in both a Vet 4x composite TSS crew and as their double, and Emily Stewart and Steph Smith won cleanly in a straight final.  Again encouranging racing from Styles and Needham, Harriet Fisher gave her opposition tough runs in all heats, and there was a truly awsome attempt from Alex Keenes and Ben Jeffries in the J15 2x (with Alex deputising for the present but unwell Ant) who held a top crew from Marlow to a 2L win (Marlow went on to beat EERC by over three lengths in the final).  It was a busy weekend but generally one of the most satisfactory for a long time.  Very well done all.  CC

25th July 2009 - Staines Regatta

A really good day with wins for Tom Oades/James Capel in J16 2x, Alex Keenes in J15 1x and Charlie Capel in J14 1x.  Best of all, excellent performances from James Styles and James Needham in J16 2x and Ben Jeffries and Ant Meyer were sooo close to a first win - a dead heat but Guildford beat them to it in the end (we discovered later that Ant was incubating a streaming cold).  Emily Stewart put in a great performance in N 1x and J15 1x.  Not only a good day because of the wins, but also because of the talent we are growing.  We were even mentioned as 4th in the Victor Ludorum!  Never been that close before... Most encouraging.  Could hardly be better - particularly when I collected Charlie and James's pots! CC

21st July 2009 - Quiz Night launched

The Weybridge Rowing Club quiz Night has been launched.  To be held on Saturday 26th September in Sunbury Manor School, the night aims to raise funds for Weybrdge Rowing Club's development plans.  There are planned to be 20 teams each of eight people, so come along and make up a team.  See the recent email for Roy and Jenny Miller's contact details.  See you there! CC


19th July 2009 - President's reception

The Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Elmbridge were principle guests of the President of Weybridge RC, Mr Leif Mills, on Sunday.  They christened the WRC coaching launches 'Chris' and 'Jack' and wished the club well.  CC

19th July 2009 - Molesey Junior Regatta

Tom Oades won for Weybridge in his J16 1x event.  Sadly Tom's old coach at Staines, Ted Dyos, passed away on Saturday.  Ted was involved with Staines Boat for over 50 years and was a well know figure on 'the circuit'.  Tom wishes to dedicate his win to Ted to honour his memory.  In other news, Ben Jeffries and Ant Meyer put in a blistering performance against a fit-looking Maidenhead crew to earn a place in the final of the J15 2x.  They came up against Molesey and held them off until the last 75m where the greater experience of the Molesey crew enabled them to battle through poor conditions to take the event.  CC

18th July 2009 - National Championships

Ian Maloney and James Capel, with Sam Knight and Alex Jones from Walton are J16 4- National Champions having won gold on Saturday.  Kat Tviet and Cat Bawtree came fifth in the final of their race which was held in astoundily good conditions for Nottingham. CC

15th July 2009 - Poppy pinched

Has anyone seen 'Poppy' the dory?  It seems to have disappeared... CC Update 27th July - it has been declared a theft and we have claimed on the insurance.

6th July 2009 - Taster course

Entries are now being received for the Junior 'taster' course on 30/31 July.  If you know anyone who might be interested in trying the sport get them to check the 'learning to row' page by clicking here.  CC  Update 29th July - course full.

6th July 2009 - Last chance for fleeces

This could be your last chance for the Weybridge RC / Weybridge Physio fleeces as the final order is about to go in.  Please let Rachel Kornberg (kornberg[at] know by 13th July, after which time Rock the boat will produce according to orders on hand.  CC

1st July 2009 - Henley Royal Regatta

News of Current/Ex Weybridge members Jack Shepherd, Tom and James Capel, Liam Maloney, James Piercy - The latter were drawn against Abingdon School in the Princess Elizabeth Cup and, despite an excellent row, were unable to cross the line before the Abingdon boat.  The Abingdon lads were much bigger and older than the St. Georges Crew; however Mr Walters, i/c rowing at St. Georges, was pleased with their performance and 6 of the 8 boys have the opportunity for two more tries at Henley.  Jack's race in the Molesey Eight was only two races later than the SGC boat and I was on the pontoon to comiserate with him when they were beaten by Tideway Scullers.  It was jolly hot out there!  Whew... CC - update 6th July - Eton beat Abingdon in the Final yesterday, Sunday.

29th June - EGHAM

A pot for Mr Oades from the lovely Sarah Winkless- in a good set of J16 1x races which saw both Will Bolding and Tom come through to the Weybridge/ Weybridge final.  Some excellent races by other crews, particularly Alex Keenes who was washed out by a cruiser in the J15 1x semi-final, and  a debut by the J16 4x+ boys who now realise what they have to do to be pot winners by next year!  Toby Jeffries and Ian Wallis also had their first outing together.  Well done to all, in what was a very busy day's racing on a hot sunny day. CC

27th June 2009 - Capsize drill

Jack and Chris put a number of juniors through the 'fun' of a capsize drill this Saturday - well done to all.  At least it got them out of loading the trailer for Egham! CC

26th June - Henley Qualifiers

Tom Oxton, Tom Capel, James Capel, James Piercy and Liam Maloney are in a St. Georges college Boat Club VIII which won their place in the qualifying races at Henley this evening.  The boys will be in action at Henley Royal on Wednesday against Abingdon.  CC

24th June - Row safe this summer

It's really important this time of the year that we all go out rowing with sensible equipment (aside from the obvious). Water should be a must all year round, but is especially important now, with chances of dehydration and heat exhaustion significantly increasing.

Wearing a hat or sunglasses might not look cool, especially the glasses with a tie that goes round the back of your head, but it's actaully quite a good idea. It protects your eyes from the glare of the sun, intensified by the water all around you. Same goes for the hat & sun screen which protect the skin against UV reflected off the water. Every year we get a rower or two who start to "feel funny" whilst they're rowing, and over the last few years sunstroke has been a common diagnosis. 

Also, little fact for you here. If you're 2% deyhdrated, you're level of concentration decreases by 20%.

Stay safe when you're on (and off) the water this summer. CJ

23rd June - The Summer "Pre-Henley Party"

See here for the write up of the sucessor of the "Pre-Henley Ball"CJ

20th/21st June - Marlow and Thames Valley Park

Well done to all who raced at Marlow (Tom Oades and James Coxhead) and Thames Valley Park (Tom Oaces, Will Bolding, Ellie Price, Pip Bolding and Alex Keenes).  No pewter-ware I'm afraid but some close races and lots of experience.  And a fair degree of sunburn! Ouch. CC

20th June - SGCBC Girls at Henley Women's

Weybridge folks might be interested to know that SGCBC girls had success at Henley Women's Regatta on Saturday and Sunday getting to the semi finals in their WJ16 event.  I think Cat Bawtree and Kat Tviet were in the crew, beaten by Latymer Upper who were themselves beater in the final by Headington School.  CC

20th June - Summer Party

A great success and well organised by Lynne Bolding and her huge team of helpers.  I mean that there were a lot of people helping, not that her helpers were huge.  Although with a whole pig on the spit there were a lot of people very much fuller when they left than when they arrived.  The island was 'wll done up' and looked completely magical.  Look out for the special page I'm going to prepare soon.  Thanks to those who made the evening a success - and for those who didn't come; you missed a very good event.  CC

11th June - special meeting

After training on Thursday 11th June there will be a special meeting to discuss the events on last Thursday (4th June).  We are hoping to get our community PC along.  Don't forget you can stay for supper. CC

6/7th June - Weybridge Weekend regattas

Some great efforts but no wins, unfortunately, at either Walton and Weybridge or Weybridge Ladies Regattas.  Some crews came very close (Tom Oades, Will Bolding, Emily and Steph to name but a few), so well done them, and well done everyone who entered to 'fly the Weybridge Flag'. CC

25th May - National Schools Regatta

Good news from the NSR, held over a scorching weekend at normally windy Nottingham.  Weybridge members James Piercy, James Capel and Liam Maloney won GOLD medal in J16 1st VIII after a blistering performance where they lead from the start and held a comanding lead throughout.  Also winning a GOLD medal was Jack Shepherd in a J 4+ event.  Kat Tviet and Cat Bawtree also bought home metal - a bronze one - in their J16 4x+ event.  Oli Tomalin was rowing for Walton, but just missed metal on a couple of events.  CC

20th May - Pre-Henley Summer Party

The date of the Pre Henley Summer Party has been announced.  This year it will be on the 20th June at 7:30pm.  Lynda Bolding is organising it this year so I have no doubt it will be a luxurious affair in usual Bolding style!  I believe there is to be a hog roast this year which marks a departure from previous years.  The dress code is more relaxed this year - smart casual will suffice (but note 'smart' - no ripped jeans or tatty tops, please).  It is hoped that the Junior secion will turn out in force to support this club-wide event, so please look out for the application forms at the club or download one here.  The cost is a very reasonable £15 for Juniors (£20 for the Adults).  There will be a disco and a cash bar as well as a raffle.  CC

18th May - Maidenhead Junior regatta

Some good performances in pouring rain at this event, well supported by Weybridge Juniors and parents.  No wins, unfortunately. CC

9th May - Oades is finally certified ....

Tom attended the Spelthorne Borough Council Youth Awards on 9th May. He was awarded a certificate in recognition of his outstanding achievement in sport - in particular rowing (at Staines & Weybridge) and cricket. Tom's certificate was presented by paralympic gold medalist Danny Crates (the good looking one on the right...).  Danny won his gold medal in Athens in 2004 in the athletics 800m T46 (arm Amputee) catagory. In Beijing in 2008 Danny was the flag bearer for the GB paralymic team at the opening ceremony but injury prevented him defending his title.   
When Tom spoke to Danny he said the following: "all athletes will tell you that their sport is the toughest - but in secret they admit that rowing is the hardest".  That comes from an Olympic Champion.  Congratulations to Tom on his award.  RO/CC

9th May 2009 - Oatlands Village Fayre

The Club was represented at this long establised event by WRCjnr's Clive and many of the more senior/Veteran members of the club;  With three ergos and two boats the Club put on a great display and were solidly busy from 15 minutes before the official opening time until 45 minutes after it closed.  We heightened the Club's profile with potential junior, Senior and vets. CC

5th May 2009 - Evesham

Pip & Ellie and Matt B and Will both won their respective novice pots this year. Well done to them.  Many other excellent efforts, particularly Maddy and Alex. CC

25th April - Oadsey gets recognition

WRCJnr is advised that Tom Oades has been shortlisted for a Spelthorne Youth Award in the Sports Category. This in recognition for his achievements in Rowing & Cricket as well as his representation of his school at the above plus Football, Rugby and Swimming.
The award ceremony is on 9th May - wish Tom luck!  CC/RO

7th April - Callum goes 'commando'

Nothing stops Callum and during the recent Allan Whitwell sculling course he was able to reach another of his rowing goals by going solo.  Watched by an admiring Costa (a Bulgarian international standard sculler whom Allan is coaching) Callum joined all the others in Doodlebug which had initially been slightly adapted for him.  Callum then decided he wanted the floats off, and subsequently put in a time up the Cut less than a minute behind 'Fred' and Tom.  Well done, Callum!  CC

7th April - Whitwell courses

Two courses especially for the Junior section were successfully run on 4/5 and 6/7 April by the Olympic medal winning sculler Allan Whitwell.  On each course we had 6 Weybridge scullers and 2 from Guildford RC.  All found the course very useful and enjoyed fine weather, and exceptional catering from Jenny Miller and Lynda Bolding.  CC

5/4/09 - Taking powerboating up a gear

Last week saw four of the Junior squads instructors travel to Southampton to get involved with gaining valuable experience with motor powered boats and VHF radios which aims to improve the safety provision at Weybridge Rowing Club. All four gained both the RYA Safety boat and Short Range VHF radio certificates following a vigorous examination which assessed both the theory and practical elements of the course.  Jack Percival, who was involved in the program, commented, "the skills we have learnt this week will not only help make the rowing club safer it will also help us to progress the athletes quicker as we have more experience providing safety cover and communicating to save crews in distress."

The scheme tied in with the arrival of the new funboat in recent weeks, an asset that the instructors hope that will become even more valuable following these courses. They now look forward to passing on the skills learnt and ensuring proper usage of the boats in the upcoming weeks.

29/3/09 - New funboat for juniors arrives at WRC

2 weeks ago saw the arrival of a second funboat to Weybridge Rowing Club meaning the Junior Squad has two specialised coaching launches. Also, added to the powerboat fleet recently was Poppy II, a 25HP safety boat, that will play an important role in the safety cover of both Junior & Senior courses.

For the meanwhile, the boat has been named "Yellow Peril II" - however this may change over the next few months.
There are also plans to bring back into service the blue coaching launch, once engine problems are resolved.
The funding for both boats came from Elmbridge Borough Council, after being applied for by two of our intrepid Junior squad coaches, Chris Jones & Jack Percival.

The arrival of the boats will enable the club to have large number of crews on the water, with increased coaching (and safety) cover.  CJ

20/3/09 - New fleeces

The first batch of the new Webridge Rowing Club/Weybridge Physiotherapy fleeces have arrived.  CC

6/3/09 - Sponsorship deal

A sponsorship deal has been brokered by Rachel with Weybridge and Walton Physiotherapy which will see the WWP logo appearing on WRC non-racing clothing.  WWP will provide financial support to the Club and advice and education sessions to rowers at all levels. CC

4/3/09 - Waitrose funds

We have been advised that we should be getting a cheque for about £200 as a result of the promotion at Waitrose's Weybridge branch.  Thanks to those who supported us.  CC

23/2/09 - Powerhouse splashtops

The balance of our order from Powerhouse has now arrived; I will bring to the Club on Tuesday 24th February.  CC

11/2/09 - Powerhouse clothing

Our Powerhouse order has been received but not, unfortunately, the splash tops, which are now due w/c 17th Feb.  I will bring down what I have on Thursday night and will be available on Saturday.  Note that I am away 15 - 22nd Feb. CC

7/2/09 - Allan Whitwell courses

Two Allan Whitwell courses have been confirmed especially for members of Weybridge's Junior racing squad.  These take place on the 4/5 April and 6/7 April at the Club.  A further course for seniors (open to outsiders) will be taking place at the end of April.  CC

2/2/09 - Your Bread & Butter is money for WRC!

Residents in Weybridge shopping at Waitrose recently may have noticed Weybridge RC is a nominated cause, and by dropping tokens into the WRC box*, you can help raise money for Weybridge Rowing Club. Up until approx. 26th Feb, make sure you drop as many tokens as you can into our box!
At the end of this, £1000 will be divided up according to the number of tokens in each of the 3 boxes.

The club plans to invest in new Ergos, a leg-press, and funds for professional coaches.

*No minimum spend required

1/2/09 - Charity raffle

Greg Gregory-Jones has organised a special raffle of loads-a-goodies to raise funds to send ex-Notre Dame school sports clothing to Africa (Zambia, I think).  Any money left over will go to the Club, so whatever happens your raffle money will be put to good use.  Please do come along (parents too) and support.  CC

PS  over £400 was raised, so well done all who attended...

27/1/09 - Training plans

Jon has posted February's training plan for your information.  No more "Jon, what are we doing today ..."  CC

25/1/09 - Clothing

It really is vital that all rowers are appropriately dressed for the conditions.  Please do wear leggings and a windproof top at the very least.  Leggings can be worn under your all-in-one.  No one should be wearing just the all-in-one at this time of year.   Coaching teams try to help, but you have a responsibility for your own well-being.  CC

P.S.  Our new clothing stock is due w/c 9th February (althought as of 9th Feb I haven't heard anything concrete from Powerhouse).

25/1/09 - Thames Trials

In cold and muddy conditions WRCJnr crews risked trench foot and hypothermia to battle against some of the toughest opposition we are likely to meet.  No wins, but some seconds and thirds - to quote JB 'some damm fine performances; the Club can be proud of what they did today'.  CC

21/1/09 - Mat Tarrant

It was great to see Mat Tarrant training at the Club last week.  Mat bought along his medals and they (and he) are a great inspiration to WRCJnr members.  Mat said he (and his Dad) had a great time in Australia and added to his medal collection with golds in the eight and coxless four events and silver in the coxless pair. Congratulations Mat!  CC

18/1/09 - Squad talk

Good to see so many Juniors and parents at the squad talk on Sunday.  A good hubub in the bar afterwards.  Greg talked about raising fund for sending school kit out to Africa and Jon outlined the plans for the Juniors for the next few weeks.  CC

17/1/09 - Weybridge Winter Head

Good conditions (well, ok a bitter breeze, but nice blue skies) for the Winter Head this year.  Excellent efforts by all crews and three plaques for Weybridge - Tom & Will, Ali & Pip and Steve & Ali of the senior section.  Also wins for a number of SGCBC crews who are also members of WRC and plenty of luverly refreshments at the Canoe Club arranged by Lynda Bolding and the social team.  CC



16/1/09 - Junior beginner course dates

Dates have been worked out for the next Junior Beginner course - group 'D-3'.  See the 'learning to row' page.  It starts in late February and goes through to May. CC

14/1/09 - Squad meeting

There will be a squad meeting after training on Sunday 18th January (that's the day after the Winter Head).  All Junior members are invited and parents are particularly welcome.  CC

9/1/2009 - News pages archived

All of last year (2008) news is now archived so we can clear up some space. You can still access this news by clicking "2008" over in the left navigation bar. From the homepage, you will now always come to this 2009 news page. CJ