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2013/14 News

19/20 July 2014 - National championships, Nottingham

In terrible weather the Nat Champs were held at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham this weekend.  It rained.  Hard.  And plentifully.  Our sizeable crew managed some excellent performances despite the weather.

Lydia and Izzy P both achieved a D final with Lydia 4th and Izzy P 5th.  Megan was in the C final and Emelia came 6th in her B final.  Ben's place in an E final belies the situation that the gap between him and the fastest sculler in the time trial was on 18 seconds, and that most we big 18 year olds compared to Ben who is just 17 and a 'lightweight' sculler.

Jane and Izzy did very well to win their C final beating some serious opposition.

Phoebe and Layla hammered through their semis and came 4th in their A final which they found disappointing; Nottingham RC just came up at them in the closing stages.

Luke and Will won their C final.

Phoebe, Layla, Emelia and Megan bought home the metalware with a bronze medal for the WJ.4x event so very well done to them.
Elena and Jess got through to the final of the girls pair, but the race was stopped during the race due to an infringement by Tideway Scullers, and the last two crews, Weybridge and Chester Le Stree, were dismissed by the Umpire whilst the race was restarted with those crews in positions 2 - 4.

Scott, Dan, Fraser, Arun and Emma were eliminated early on, unfortunately, in their Four but with Cook they managed to finish 4th in their final

Elena, Beth, Lucy and Rebecca managed to finish 6th in their Final.

Well done to all and thanks to Parents for support and to Sharon in particular for her organisation of catering and the camp.

13th July 2014 - Kingston Borough Regatta
Only one win for the Club today, but a particularly pleasing one for Scott and Adam who beat strong Kingston RC and Marlow RC crews in J15.2x.  Thanks to all the parents who assisted in the day.

12 July 2014 - Kingston Amateur Regatta
Good weather with water flat and calm, except when the cruiser go by.  Rebecca kicked off the day with a win at WJ16.1x followed by Ashley, Dudley, Peter and Geoff T in MasEF.4x, then Pheobe and Layla in WJ18.2x, Emily and Kate in WNov.2x and finally Geoff T in MasE.1x
Well done to all

Henley Royal Regatta - unfortunately none of our crews managed to qualify this year.  The boys faced a tough challenge with 67 boats trying for 24 places in the Fawley.  In the event they came 27th so missed the cut by three places.

Henley Women's Regatta
Unfortunately the girls crews came up against some strong crews and we knocked out before the finals, despite great efforts all round.

25th May
10:19 ... Third day of the National Schools Regatta and the weather really can't make up its mind  what to do. Heavy rain at 5am, sun and showers now with a wind that changed from a tail wind to a head wind overnight. Scott and Fraser did their J16.2- processional and looked as if they made a good crack at it. We await their result. 

10:25 ... The girls quad - Emelia, Megan, Phoebe & Layla are  about to take their Stampfi down to the lake.
10:32 ... just heard the J16.2- missed qualifcation for the semis. They put up a good fight in a group a year older than them, and they were not last by a good measure. Next year.
11:11 ... sun currently winning the weather battle as a bunch of fours process through a large flock of swans and geese. We await the girls who have to make the cut of 24 boats to eighteen. The boys quad are boated and just passing the scoreboard on their way to the start.
11:24 ... the girls come home as the clouds scud across a now blue sky. We await their result and the boys event which has 46 entries to go down to eighteen.
11:34 ...the boys are just over the line but hopelessly out of number order. We can only await the official result.
12:16 ... just heard that both the girls quad and boys quads have qualifed, so semis at about 4pm. Good for them
16.12 ... waiting in the sunshine for the girls race which is about to start.
16.23 ... yes, easily. Into the final at 18.45. Smooth as silk.
16.25 ... waiting for the boys now.
16.34 ... boys couldn't get the pace to get a final place despite a spirited attempt in a strong field
18.55 ... the girls battled windy lane six and a strong field but having achieved their goal of a final place came 6th. A very good showing.

An excellent National Schools Regatta for Weybridge Rowing Club.

Thris is Clive signing off from a NWSC that finally decided that sun was better than rain...

24th May
10:29 Nottingham returned to type this morning with choppy water and drizzle (which was better than forecast, but still not great for participants and spectators alike).   However this didn't stop first Layla & Pheobe and then Arun, Dan, Scott, Fraser & Lydia qualifying into the semis of their respective races.  The girls Four has just crossed the line in their processional so it will be some time before we see whether they have qualified for their event. Hopefully so.

The boys four is in lane 5 at 12.18 and the girls double in lane 3 at 13.18. The girls four also qualified and will be in lane 5 at 15.12.

11.58 ... boys on their way to the start. Wind up, straight down the lake. Rain lashing down.
12.30 ... boys an excellent third place in their semi so  FINALS place for them. Well done. Girls double next up at 13.18.

Layla and Phoebe simply stonked their way intothe final, leading the field at 1000m al the way to the finish after a monumental push which was remarked upon by the race comentator. During a brief but welcome respite from the rain the girls four raced their semi but the first three boats were in a race of their own. The remain three boats had their own race our girls rowed well to come 5th overall. The thick grey clouds are ominously hovering ...

Boys rowed a fantasic race and ended up in a very creditable 5th place. A great result for them.

Phoebe and Layla were in medal contention all the way and were piped on the line. So a well rowed race ended in a Bronze medal for them, the first for WEY this year. Well done to them.

That's it for today as the weather treatens to revert to rain.

23rd May
Welcome to live blogging from the natioanl schools regatta in sunny (yes, the sun is out) Nottingham.

After a wet arrival and night the weather improved.

First off Izzy T and Jade in WJ14.2x have a place in the semi final at 14.08. Izzy P made a spirited attempt at WJ15.1x but didn't qualify.  Adam Cook qualified in J15.1x.

More as it happens.

Izzy T and Jade started well but caught a crab a quarter down the course, subsequently giving ground to the whole group unfortunately. However it was a good experience for them. 

Adam Cook faced a very strong field with the eventual winner of the heat being a huge lad from Staines. Adam unfortuately caught a crab not far from the finish and ended upbringing up the rear.

The weather is getting windy and turning colder ... brr

17th May

Weybridge Seniors had a great weekend at Nottingham for the Masters bringing home 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals.  Well done to them.

25th April
NatWest Community Regatta a great success due to the combined efforts of so many Weybridge people.  Big enough that the Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond MP, put aside test driving tanks and choosing the curtains for HMS Queen Elizabeth and came to see what was going on.

13th April 2014
Training camp on lake Annecy was a great success.  Good water, great reception from the host club at Sevrier, fab weather, good food (most people liked it) and above all the opportunity for some really serious training.  Our first away training camp - defo not our last.  Have learned lots to make the next one even better.

26th March 2014
Great results at Schools Head.  J17.4x 3/10, WJ17.4x 3/19, WJ4+7/15
Well done to all.  We were either the top club, or just behind Henley RC.  Sit-up and take note - Weybridge RC are here to be counted!

Well done to all at the Scullery - good results from a strong field with the WJ14.4x+ coming 8th in their class, and the boys put up a strong showing too.  All good news for the future.

28th February 2014
New towing vehicle expected today!

2nd February 2014

Well done all who braved the Dorney weather for the Thames Valley Trial.  In particular well done to those who scored!


Thames Valley Trials Head

J17 2x

Luke Gowland, Will Stewart


Thames Valley Trials Head

WJ17 4x-

Phoebe Truett, Layla Wheeldon, Megan Pickering, Emelia Cole


Thames Valley Trials Head

WJ17 4+

Elena Foukes, Beth Jenkins, Lucy Feather, Becky Gaylard, cox Matt Andrews


Thames Valley Trials Head

WJ16 2x

Phoebe Truett, Layla Wheeldon


Thames Valley Trials Head

W E/F 1x

Rachel Kornberg (not quite a Junior, but worthy of note)

2nd January 2014

I am sorry to advise that Topnut was put peacefully to sleep on New Year's Eve morning. In December his kidneys began to play up through old age, and he took a turn for the worse just after Christmas. He hadn't eaten or drunk for two days and was becoming quite dehydrated, and Cath and the vet both agreed that his time had come. The vet came to the house and Topnut died peacefully on his adopted mum's lap.

29th December 2013

Many thanks to those who attended the club work day.  There were lots of juniors there, and their help was noted and appreciated.

21st December 2013

Apologies for the lack of updates to the News section.  So much going on!

We had a really successful Christmas Pudding Race today which was won by the Blitzen crew.  Despite having to move to 'plan C' because of the river conditions it all worked out according to the plan and even kept to time.  Fantastic catering was laid on by Sharon Pickering's team and the surplus generated for club funds, event taking into account the cost of buying 10 Christmas puddings and the food for the event was in the region of £150.  There was a particularly strong club spirit with everyone staying to hear results and the presentations. 

The Junior of the Year award was presented to George Stewart in recognition of his GB representation at Coupe de la Jeunesse, and the inaugural Beagley Trophy for 'Junior Club Member of the Year' was presented to Robert Steel by Julia Beagley.

Beth attended a GB training event at Boston in October - thanks to SGCBC for boat transport.

11th September 2013

Rachel advises that Mark is now Club Head Coach and that she has been able to arrange regular coaching for the seniors too, which is excellent news.

8th September 2013

The Captain and Head Coach have reviewed the grouping structure of all groups within the Club (junior and senior).  Groups will now be known as 'performance', 'intermediate' and 'development'.  It is important to note that allocations of individuals to groups may change during the season as events and training dictates and that this doesn't necessarily reflect on an individual's ability.  Some people may be temporarily attached to one group or another for reasons of availability of coaches, equipment or other members of a crew or age group.  The session times remain as they have been.  Mark may introduce additional sessions as necessary.

28th August 2013

Some 500 people attended Jon's funeral at St. Andrew's Church, Cobham today.  It was as much a celebration of his life as a time to say goodbye.  There will be a special evening for Jon on 12th September at 7:45pm

18th August 2013

We welcome Mark Calvin who joins the coaching team as Head Coach (Juniors).

17th August 2013

A very successful Rag Regatta was organised by the Junior Committee headed up by Flo Tilling.  Many thanks to all that contributed and took part.

16th August 2013

Two successful junior beginner courses completed today. Many thanks as always to the Juniors who assisted and coached.

Also many thanks to senior members of the club who turned out to tidy the boathouse in time for tomorrow's Rag Regatta.  It would be appreciated if all members could assist in keeping it tidy.  Rubbish should go in a bin.  Please put blades, trestles etc back in their correct places, tidily.

10th August 2013

WRCjnr very much regrets having to report the loss of our friend and colleague Jon Beagley.  Please see for further details.

4th August 2013 - Coupe de la Jeunesse,  Lucerne, Switzerland

Sorry to report that George's double just missed qualifying for the final.

3rd August 2013 - Coupe de la Jeunesse, Lucerne, Switzerland

News reaches WRCJNR News that George Stewart's quad was just pipped at the post for a silver medal and have achieved a bronze medal at day one of this international event.  The difference between gold & bronze was about 3/4 second so a really close race.  Still Sunday's racing to come.

3rd August 2013 - Elmbridge Leisure Live, Brooklands

The club was represented at this new event at the community park at Brooklands.  We took Other Wey Up and a WEF Swift double and a couple of ergos linked up to the computer and screen in the back of Clive's car. Although most of the visitors, estimated at some 3000 during the day, were families with children 0 to 14 we saw lots of people and were pleased to support Elmbridge Borough Council who put a lot of work into the day. 
Our thanks to juniors and seniors who turned out to help, particularly Matt,  James Saloway and Will who stayed to the end, helped us load and unload at the club.

27th July 2013 - St. Neots regatta. 1k downstream.

Bright sunny and hot but the threat of thunderstorms later. Having had about 40% of our entries rejected it was a smaller Weybridge contingent that made its way to Cambridgeshire for this event.
15:30 Rebeccas Tate & Gaylard kicked off with a visit to the cruisers on the bend during this 1k race and finished about 3 lengths behind their oppo.  Next up Ben P and James McP comprehensively beat their opposition but later surcumbed by 3L to a beefier Nottingham RC crew.  Beth rowed a brilliant 1x beating her rival by about 2L in her heat and we await her next heat at 16:27. Meanwhile the boys on at 15:57 in J16.IM3, up a notch from their usual J16 event status.
15:57. Boys IM3.4x with Will Stewart instead of his brother George just beat Maidstone Invicta's Fawley crew by a canvas in a very exciting and well fought battle. We had to wait for the official verdict.
16:21. Beth held off the sculler from Deben until the last 100m or so when her oppo put on a spurt to take the race by a length.
17:45. Boys lost their IM3.4x final by a narrow margin, about 3ft, to a larger crew from Star  Club.
18:50. WIN for the J15/16 mixed VIII which was very pleasing against a strong and older looking crew from Norwich RC.
20:15. Dinner at local Brewer's Fayre. the juniors were thrown out of the kids play room which was a shame as they were having fun in the ball pool.
21:50. Party in the marquee.  Your reporter hit the sack at 23:00

Sunday 28th July-St. Neots day two. 500m downstream.
Windy and rain over night but our tents still standing which Is more than can be said for some. The new Weybridge gazebo looks good and is doing exactly want we wanted it for so well worth the money.
09:40 results round up . Wind is quite strong across the course ... Reb G & Layla and  Megan won their first heats comprehensively. Lydia lost her race to Globe by about a length but rowed well. Ben's oppo from Cambridge 99 didn't show so he has a bye into the next round.
09:51. Becky & Beth won their double easily.
10:53. Ben Parsons in his first race and in a different boat to the one he has been using lost to a sculler from Trent by less than a length. The bank-side Weybridge supporters were all but in the boat with him! An excellent effort from Ben.
11:48. Lydia & Izzy Pickering beat Boston in fine style in WJ14 and are now in the final. Beth also beat her opposition from Milton Keynes RC In good order.
11:57. Layla just beat Star Club by 2 lengths in 1/4 final of the WJ15.1x
12:30. Megan just beat Sudbury in the 1/4 final of WJ16.1x by 1/2 L
13:08. Reb G & Layla beat their oppo and now have a semi at 13:04
13:10 Ben came up against a huge J18 from Newark and lost to him In the 1/4 final of J18.1x.
13:59. Peterborough beat Beth and Tim & James McP won their 1/4 final against Lincoln.
14:06. Reb G & Beth just off for their next WJ16.2x  heat, a semi.
15:01. Update. Beth & Reb G lost their race In the final stages. Reb G and Layla off on their race. Tim & James McP won their semi so a final place for them. Ben B, Pope, Will & new Luke about to boat their IM3.4x against four huge guys from London RC. Lydia & Izz P didn't win their final which was unexpected.
15:12. Reb G and Layla beaten by 1 3/4 L by Newark after a strong race.
15:21. The boys quad beat London by 1 3/3 L much, I think, to the surprise of the London RC crew. New Luke's first time in that boat and in a race.
15:51. Megan beat Globe to gain a place in the final.
15:55 WJ14.4X+ crew of Naimh L, Holly, Emma, Naimh P (c) Izzy P about to do battle with Newark RC.
16:10. Luke G won his heat in J16.1x
16:20. Racing suspended ... a cruiser managed to wrap its propeller around a stakeboat mooring line. Wind getting up.
16:44. WJ14s beaten by Newark RC by 2 L. A number of WEY crews up at the start.
17:11. Update. Peterborough beat Layla by only 3/4 L after a long wait at the start. Luke G lost to his GB J16 doubles partner in what he described as the fastest race he'd had all weekend after racing two heats in quick succession. Megan lost by a length. IM3.4x off to boat.
19:00 final update. Despite a decent number of finals we didn't achieve any wins. The IM3 boat were beaten by a very strong St. Neots crew and the J15 double of Tim and James came up against an experienced Nottingham RC crew built like tanks. Notwithstanding the lack of wins today we enjoyed the meet and have seen performances which we can work on with our new coach, Mark.

We said goodbye and thank you to Katy and wished her well in her new job with British Rowing, based in Norwich.

Interesting to compete against east Midlands clubs such as Boston, Lincoln, Peterborough, Trent, St. Neots we don't normally see except at National events.  Event well organised with excellent catering. Need to improve toilet facilities to include light at night!

20th July 2013 - British Championships

The human dynamo Ben Brisco went on his own with Vince as coach and competed in J16.1x. Came 5th in B final, 11th best overall, top lightweight rower. Well played, Ben.

14th July 2013 - GB vs France, London Docklands


Despite Emelia not feeling too great, the girls rowed better than their opposition from French clubs Melun and Aiguebelette.

After the serious rowing, mixed GB/France crews raced each other in dragon boats and Emelia's crew won that.  A tour of London, a formal dinner and fireworks in honour of Bastille Day finished off the event with team GB winning the Jacque Bloch Cup 13-2.

14th July 2013 - Kingston Borough Regatta

Reporting live from the riverside at Kingston upon Thames ... 
07:45 warm and sunny.  Lots of crews already here.
10:44 hot. Will & Saloway won by 4 lengths from Windsor Boys. J15 quad lost to Windsor Boys by 2L but improving in tecnique.  Would have had them in a longer race. Alex Haines in her first singles race lost to Walton by 1L
12:00 Lucy & Elena won their earlier heat and are resting before their semi.  WJ13.4x+ won their heat easily.
12:15 Will & Saloway won their semi.
1:35 WJ13 quad won semi. Now to the final vs Putney Town.
14:15 Will & James Saloway WON their final. Our first of the event. 
14:20 Beth in a tussle with two City of Oxford girls in her WJ18.1x match. She was pretty much squeezed out by all accounts but the final result stands.  Lucy and Elena delayed during race due to visiting the bank (not the Barclays type, the river bank).
14:45 WJ13.4x+ crew race delayed due to PTR having boat issues.  A revised time agreed and we boated accordingly. Girls sat in hot sun for 25 mins and were sent to row over as PTR didn't show and so were awarded the event. PTR not happy but result stands, so after winning two heats a WIN it is for Jade, Emma E, Rosie, Olivia and Lydia. Two pots so far.
15:40 v hot. Rebecca Tate & Naimh Patterson just off to boat.
16:20 Rebecca & Naimh not sucessful after an apparent dodgy start; they rowed well once in their stride but ran out of race before they were able to get into contention. They only met the day before the race!  WJ14.4x+ off to boat
16:45 WJ14s lost unfortunately. Ben boated for first heat (semi)
17:25 Ben in tussle with Thames RC but successful by a small margin. Into final. Flo & Kirsty next to boat.
Flo & Kirstly lost their race against a very strong Eton Excelsior crew but Ben dominated the J16.1x final.  "I just decided I'd settle a length in front of them ... so I did" he cooly said later.
WJ16.4x girls WON both semi and final in fine style, rowing hard to beat off Eton Excelsior to win their pot.
Marlow (winners of the Victor Ludorum) and Eton Excelsior had 5 wins each; we had four so a pretty reasonable day.
Said goodbye to Lisa :-(
Trailer back at base at 20:25 after a long day!

13th July 2013 - NWSC Nottingham

George has been confirmed as selected for GB representation at the Coupe de la Jeunesse in Lucerne. Fabulous news. Well done to him and his coach, Katy.

11th July 2013 - NWSC Nottingham

George Stewart won the race-off with 8 seconds to spare so is now seat racing with the top 18 scullers trialling for the GB J18 team.

11th July 2013 - Walton Bridge

A group of Weybridge and Weyfarers boats joined WLARC, Walton RC and a bunch of others in celebrating the official completion of the new Walton Bridge.  The weather was kind to us with warm sunshine and no stream.  

We assembled in the Cut, and processed in stately form, to Walton RC and back again, waving to the crowd assembled on the bridge. CC

3rd July 2013 - Henley Royal Regatta

09:15 A slightly cloudy day for the club's first appearance at HRR for some 15 years. The boys are ready, the boat is ready, about to boat.
09:30 boys boated, Katy Nick and Clive about to board the umpire's launch Amaryllis.
09:50 race started. Good start from our lads. Rowing strongly, keeping up with Northwich.
09:53 Northwich are ahead by about 2 lengths but Ben called for a burst and we're catching up.
09:57 race over with Northwich ahead by 2 lengths. Given their physical size and age (all are 18 vs our crew 3 of whom are only 16) we did well and the boys were well clapped by the crowds in the stewards enclosure. 
Weybridge RC has taken part in the greatest rowing event of it's kind and we can be proud of our effort,
The crew: Luke Gowland, Ben Brisco, Coach Katy Knowles, Alex Pope, George Stewart.

30th June 2013 - GB vs France trials

Congratulations to Emelia, Megan. Phoebe and Layla who have been selected to represent Great Britain in the WJ16.4- on Sunday 14th July in Docklands.  Our first international representation since Duncan Nichol in the 1980s

GB oarsman Matt Tarrant is at the club, chatting to the Juniors.  Matt learned to row at Weybridge and is highly impressed with our successes this year.

Pre-Henley Ball in full swing, fabulously catered, as usual, by Caroline and John Turnbull.

29th June 2013 - Henley Royal Regatta

The boys have drawn Northwich RC in the first round and are 'on duty' at 09:50 on Wednesday 3rd July.  Support if you can be there, and lots of good thoughts if you can't!

28th June 2013 - Henley Royal Regatta

Congratulations to George, Luke, Pope and Ben who rowed all out to qualify for the Fawley Challenge Cup this evening at Henley. The draw is at Henley Town Hall tomorrow, Saturday, at 3pm. Their first race is on Wednesday 3rd July.

23rd June 2013 - Henley Women's Regatta

Katherine Granger, Emelia Cole, Megan Pickering, Emily Skinner, Layla Wheeldon, Phoebe Truett, Katy KnowlesW
oah, Weybridge RC is smokin' ... Fabulous success today in this prestigious event on the famous Henley Reach as our coxed four of Emelia, Megan, Layla and Phoebe (c) Emily beat all comers to win a great race from the much respected Sir William Borlase crew who silver medalled at Nat Schools.  

They were presented with their prize by the inspiring Katherine Grainger. A great success and huge congratulations to the crew from all at Weybridge Rowing Club.  Next stop ... GB vs France trials on 30th June! 

23rd June 2013 - World Rowing Cup - Dorney

Well done to Matt Tarrant for being part of the new GB four, and winning a Silver medal.  Matt leant to row at Weybridge Rowing Club, as  part of a J15 squad, before being promoted to the GB squad via his University Rowing Club.

16th June 2013 - Coronation Regatta

08:30 Welcome to live updates from the Coronation Regatta, being staged for one time only to celebrate the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Bright and breezy, anticipation in the air ... but the bacon hasn't even been started so breakfast is a wey off yet!
10:00 listening to Regatta Radio broadcasting on 87.7MHz from Marlow Regatta at nearby Dorney. Rachel & Liz won their WMastIM3 race with Wallbrook just beaten into third place at the finish line.
10:10 Flo and Kirsty boated. Rob and Maund about to do so.
10:45 Flo and Kirsty through to next round over Kings Ely. Rob and Maund not so lucky,  J14.4x+ about to boat.
11:16 J14s boated. Cox box not working, thought I'd fixed it. Blast! Hope Izzy's voice is in good form!
11:40 just heard on Regatta Radio that Geoff Thomas came 2nd in his race at Dorney
11:56 J14.4x+ boys returned defeated. Their opposition from Marlow RC just too much better, bigger stronger, have been rowing together for a year. Our boys have not rowed as a crew before. Hey ho, more practice. Not able to see any of the racing from trailer area as the racing area is about 1.5km distant
13:03 WJ16.4x- about to start. HM The Queen at the regatta. Clouding over and starting to spit with rain
13:38 Quad girls beat City of Oxford to go through to the next round.  Raining.
15:39 Flo & Kirsty beaten by a determined Grange School crew. WJ16.4x crew last Weybridge entry standing.  Hot and sticky, whew.
15:59 oh dear, it's all over. Our J16.4x lasses beaten by Tideway Scullers so striking camp.  Goodbye from (finally) sunny Windsor.

13th June 2013 - Henley Royal Regatta

Entry sent orf to Henley Royal Regatta for the Club's entry in the Fawley Challenge Cup.  We haven't yet told the boys that it's a punting race ...

The girls are set to represent the Club at Henley Women's Regatta on 22nd and 23rd June.  Good luck to them.

2nd June 2013 - Weybridge Ladies Regatta

WLARC wins:
J16 1x Ben Brisco
J14 1x Scott Cowie
WIM3 2x Claudine and Kathy
WMas 2x Cath and Kathy
WJ16 1x Emelia Cole 
WJ13 2x Lydia Foulkes and Izzy Truett
WJ15 1x Layla Wheeldon
J16 2x Tom Birch and James Saloway

Plus a win for Weyfarers in the Explore Rowing special event category.

Special mention for Ben Brisco who won ten out of ten races over the weekend! His aim for the summer is to be unbeaten in local events. Also well done to those having a go at their first regatta, and the many that are no longer novice (and in keeping with tradition should therefore be thrown in the river at some point after training!)

Great to see wins with Juniors and seniors sharing boats and each other's company.

1st June 2013 - Walton and Weybridge Regatta

So much going, no time to update the web page.  Just a note to say we had a fantastic weekend with what must surely be a record winning streak for the Club - 22 wins over the weekend.  Here's Katy's list:

WWR Wins:
WJ15 2x Layla Wheeldon and Phoebe Truett
WJ16 1x Emelia Cole (all Weybridge final)
J14 4x+ cox Izzy Amarouche, Fraser Steel, Scott Cowie, Adam Lomax, Dan Gowland (in first time in a boat together)
WJ13 2x Izzy Truett, Jade Mepham
WNov 1x Beth Jenkins
J16 1x Ben Brisco

IM3 Invitation Eights - cox Carl Boon, Alex Pope, Luke Gowland, Josh Foulkes, George Stewart, Peter Lawson, Ashley Tilling, Andrew Steel, Ben Brisco

WNov 2x Beth Jenkins, Lucy Feather
J18 1x George Stewart (all Weybridge final)
WJ16 2x Emelia Cole, Megan Pickering
J13 4x+ cox Rosie Ollis, Izzy Pickering, Lydia Foulkes, Izzy Truett, Jade Mepham
J16 2x Luke Gowland, Ben Brisco
Mas E 1x Geoff Thomas 
MasNov 2x Dale Gowland and Dudley Feather

Of the 48 finals at WWR, league table goes;













Eton Excelsior


St Georges College


Windsor Boys'






Met Police




Royal Holloway


Surbiton High




26th May 2013
17:41 goodbye from National Schools 2013.  Lots of lessons learnt, a couple of Finals places and so many 'nearly there' opportunities not ours this time.  The crews represented the club well and from comments made to me by various people, Weybridge Rowing Club is starting to be noticed.

WJ16.2- Silver Medal
17:14 SILVER MEDAL for Emelia and Megan in WJ16.2-. A brilliant race! Well done girls ...

En-route to Silver

14:42 girl's quad came in 4th in a challenging line-up, pushing for third all the way.
14:26 Sun burning the sky as we wait for the girls coxless quad in lane 6.  They have a tough draw too. Thanks for your msg, Nick, glad to know someone is watching!
14:20 J16.2x Ben & Luke gave it everything they had to beat both Molesey crews but came up against three tough, strong crews in Marlow, Evesham and Doncaster ... only 1 & 2 go to final.
13:51 Em & Meg through to finals in grand style! Awaiting Luke & Ben in J16.2x
13:07 Emelia &Megan boated for J16.2- Semi.
11:12 both J16.2x &WJ16.4x- qualified for semi finals.
08:50 dry and sunny; the weather is trying to make up for its appalling behaviour on Friday! 

25th May 2013

18:25 a spirited run from the girl's WJ16.8x pushed St George's into 5th place but we weren't even a boat length behind from what I could see from the SGC enclosure at 1750. The girls must be delighted getting to the final at the event where it's the best of the best.
J16.8x off to the semi
16:47 George just missed out on the final by 1.5 seconds.  A thrilling last ditch push not quite enough to secure a place in the final with ex-Weybridge Elliot Tarrant (who came 4th in the final). But a good row by George nevertheless. Fabulous weather ... difficult to believe how awful it was yesterday!
14:55 great row by WJ18.8x+ (despite a seat problem) puts them into the final at 18:19. Also in the final is St. Georges.
14:07 J16.4x in third place in semi by about 40/100 sec. Good race but not in final by a whisker.

J16.4x leaving the pontoon
10:03 Both J16.4x and Ch.1x through processionals to time trial. Girls eight off for a pootle on the river Trent. Crews relaxing ahead of semis at about 2pm and 4.30pm.

O7:46 Nottingham. Bright and sunny. A great relief to all concerned after to gales of yesterday which caused to abandonment of yesterday's programme.

24th May 2013
14:00 racing abandoned due to impossible conditions.  Gutted. Like being at the seaside with waves washing over the pontoons!
12.34  By now we should have run our first processionals but the weather conditions have destroyed the day's racing. We have just heard that racing will start again at 2pm, so we hope the very wind conditions will abate to allow this to happen.

23rd May 2013

Reporting live from the National Schools Regatta at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham.  A lovely evening, a little fresh but not cold. Weather is forecast to be very windy tomorrow, Friday. Gazebos up and juniors on the water for a practice.

13th May 2013

Reporting LIVE from Malow Spring Regatta ... 16:00 - success (so far) for W.Vet nov quad, Mast C four, J14.2x for Scott and Fraser, WJ18.2x for Flo and Kirsty, WJ16.2x for Megan and Emelia. WJ13, 4X+ easily reached the final and the J14.2x turned into a fabulous battle between  Dan and Arun vs Scott and Fraser. Jessica's WJ15.1x was so close we had to wait half an hour for the result ... finally given to the oppo.
17:25 update. Tim and James McP first regatta did ok. Layla & Phoebe survived numerous warnings for steering (as did the other two crews) to win the heat ... they're on at 18:30. The Men's Eight have just left the pontoon
Update 17:42 Mens eight convincinly won heat. Now two finals to go.
Update 18:32 Layla and Phobe missed their win by 1 second. Mens eight to come down.
Update 18:46 Mens eight win!
Regatta closed



Marlow Spring

5th May 2013

Succesful day for all with experience gained and a lovely goblet for Emelia in W.IM3.

27th April 2013

The Junior Interregional regatta took place in Nottingham on Saturday with sun, wind, rain and occasional hail! Luckily we had our new sturdy club gazebo to run to in times of need, with cups of tea and food on hand from helpful parents. 

Weybridge Juniors representing Thames Central (one of twelve regions competing) put in some excellent races to come away with six medal winning boats which earnt a large proportion of the teams overall points total. 

WJ15 1x - Layla Wheeldon Bronze 
WJ16 1x - Emelia Cole 6th 
WJ15 2x - Becky Gaylard and Phoebe Truett  Silver (less than 0.2 behind gold) 
WJ16 4x- Megan Pickering and Elena Foulkes composite with Tideway Scullers Bronze 
WJ16 8+ Emily Skinner (cox) Emelia Megan Beth Lucy (in first ever regatta) Layla Elena Becky Phoebe Silver 
J16 2x Ben Brisco Luke Gowland Bronze 
J15 4+ Emily Skinner coxing Westminster Silver 
Alex Haines (rowing for St Georges) also won Silver in WJ15 4+ 

28th April 2013 

George Stewart competed in the J2- event at Great Britain trials; they had a tough time in an incredibly close fought event, with lack of coached practice time together becoming an issue against set pairings from the same club/school. They finished 28th in the time trial and then improved every race to get the 19th fastest time in the finals. We should find out by the end of May whether this is enough to progress to the last set of trials for selection in the summer. KT

9th April

Headline News :- Our stretch of the river is now on WHITE BOARDS.  Lets hope it lasts!

1st - 5th April
Our D21 junior beginners course successfully completed introducing 12 juniors to the sport of rowing.   The 5 day intensive morning course nearly did not run due to the recent rains  and unseasonal low temperatures, but luckily the river dropped to safe levels to allow the course to complete its normal structure,  albeit without singles and capsize drills.     Thank you to all the coaches and juniors who gave up their time to make this course another success.

D21 Course

2nd April

After very limited rowing over winter due to unbelievable river conditions, 35 intrepid Weybridge juniors competed at national races in March. The Schools head, held on the same course as the boat race, was contested by our J18 4- who unfortunately couldn't perform due to an unchecked equipment problem, and the WJ16 4+ who finished in the middle of the pack in a very competitive event. The Scullery crews performed excellently with the WJ16 4x- and J16 B 4x- picking up bronze medals, J14 4x+ 11th, WJ14 4x+ 24th and J15 4x+ 32nd. Dissapointingly the organisers were unable to come up with a correct result for the J16 A quad after much confusion over times, we believe they would have picked up a medal and this crew has previously beaten the overall winners! 

Eight junior girls and one senior lady took on the Womens eights head of river, racing in the novice category. They had a great row and enjoyed overtaking about ten other crews throughout the 4 and 1/4 miles, finishing in 13th out of 100 novice crews. 

Hammersmith head - four of our junior boys joined up with four masters men to race an IM3 8+ in preparation for mens head. They dealt well with the weather in what turned out for some crews to be sinking conditions! The crew were 3rd in their category, only ten seconds off the winners. They were also pleased to be within 40 seconds of a Tideway scullers crew containing everyones' favourite Olympian, Alan Cambell! 

Luke Gowland and coach Katy Knowles attended national J16 camp after Luke gained selection following Febuary trials and ergo testing. The camp was highly educational with several sessions of Strength and Conditioning ('we spent three hours doing squats!'), Posture and core awareness and training, technique seminar, and less outings than planned due to the lake freezing one night, which was easily rectified by driving around in a powerboat to break it up! Katy and Luke now have some horrific, I mean challenging, exercises and stretches to share. At 6'1 Luke was one of the smallest and lightest boys there. Aw.

George Stewart sails through to the next J18 GB trial on 28th April after coming 10th and 13th in the pairs event in Febuary, the aim is to get invited to the final trials which will be 11th-15th July, these are the last trials and select the final junior teams for this summers' events.

3rd March  - Hyne Cup.   We had many crews entered into this race between several of the local clubs on our reach of the river, many of  whom this was there first experience of a head race.   All our crews rowed brilliantly and excellent times were recorded by the WRCjnr squad.  Considering the lack of water time recently due to the very wet winter, and hence fast flowing river, every one was very pleased with the results achieved.