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Course Application Page

    • Booking for the D41 course is now closed.
    • If you would like to be waitlisted, please contact clive[at]wrcjnr.com by email.  Thanks.

Experience has taught me that I need to stress that when you apply on-line you are making a commitment to the course, a space is reserved, and you are bound to pay the fee even if you subsequently decide not to attend. Changing your mind after applying, or simply forgetting to carry through the application process, does not absolve you from the need to compensate the Club for the loss of opportunity to offer a place to another youngster.  If you apply for a place on line, then know for some reason you can't take it up, it is at the very least courteous to drop me a line to let me know.  If we are unable to place someone from our waitlist we will ask you for the course fee.

Payment can be made by on-line banking only.  We cannot accept cheques within two weeks of the start date of the course.

In the event of over-subscription we operate a waiting list.  We cannot take someone off this list and into the course if we don't have a full application (including the data capture information) in our possession. 

I hope this page has been informative and helpful to you.

Many thanks

Clive Capel
Junior section coordinator
clive [at] wrcjnr.com - replace [at] with @