Friday 24th August

A number of people have asked me about ways in which they can honour Jon's memory.  Julia has provided the following information:

There is a choice of charities including : The Brain Tumour Charity, Cancer Research and Macmillan Cancer Support. Donations can be left at the church or sent to:

James and Thomas
Funeral Directors
Mill Road
KT11 3AL

or of course sent direct to the charity of choice

Although flowers are strictly 'family only' the Club has kindly been included in the definition and will send a floral tribute on behalf of the members.


Wednesday 14th August

The family wish me to say that they are overwhelmed by the tributes and messages from friends, members and the rowing community following their sad loss.

A tribute article on the British Rowing website refers. which will also appear in Rowing and Regatta.

Matt has returned from the US where he had been leading a summer camp and provides the following details of the funeral arrangements.

A funeral service will be held at St Andrews Church, Cobham at 2pm on Wednesday 28th August.  This will be immediately followed by a private family cremation at Randalls Park.  While the family attend to their sad duty in Leatherhead, we are invited to remain at the hall adjacent to the Church to remember Jon and they will join us later. Refreshments will be made available.

A large turnout is expected and all members of the Club are invited and welcomed.  Julia commented that Jon would not want a formal occasion and agrees it would be nice if those attending, who wish to do so, can wear their Weybridge hoodies or splash tops as a mark of respect.  Juniors may wish to be accompanied by parents, who are very welcome.  The invitation is extended to 'old juniors' who knew Jon as well as current juniors.

To help with catering it would be appreciated if those who wish to attend could indicate their intentions.  Click here to go to a simple on-line form.  Thank you.

Please check back here occasionally as if there are any updates I will post them here.


Saturday 10th August and later - Tributes

... on facebook, email and by text.  

A lovely one from Katy:  ".. nice to think that his vision of what the juniors could be came to reality, and that his cheeriness and determination of Weybridge rowers to achieve their goals had a positive effect on so many teenager's lives"

"Such an amazing character that has touched my daughter's life in a truly positive way."

"I was so fond of John - he always had a smile and something funny to say. He loved coaching and will be greatly missed"

"we want to let his family know how important and special he was, cycling along the towpath, always encouraging - and giving"

"Jon and I shared a love of 60s and 70s music, although his knowledge (and memory of course!) was far better than mine. I am immediately drawn to Jimmy Dean’s Big John.
‘He stood six foot six and weighed 245’. I can also imagine him holding up a mine shaft single handed. But when we get to the line ‘He didn’t say much, he kinda quiet and shy’ I realise it’s not our Big Jon"

"A legend in his own special way"

"Jon made a very real difference"

"Great chap"

"Everyone at Walton is very saddened to hear about Jon and it all sounds very sudden. We will miss his booming voice and enthusiasm on the towpath."

"I have fond memories of Jonathan and I know that he will be sorely missed by all at Weybridge"

"he will be remembered for sure as a real character - always up for a challenge and some fun"

"He stood out from the crowd in the best possible way and his enthusiasm was infectious. His heart was absolutely in the right place and there are not enough people like Jon in the world"

"Jon's presence, personality, warmth and unforgettable shorts never failed to brighten the day. He valued and encouraged everybody."

"Two people are responsible for giving me the rowing bug; Steve Williams, double Olympic medalist, and Jon! Without a doubt, Jon's passion & spirit, and the impact that it had, ranked up there with any Olympian!"

Saturday 10th August 

Devastated to be advised that our good friend, colleague and chum, Jonathon Beagley, passed away 10 minutes after getting home from St. Peter's hospital today.  

Jon can truthfully be said to have saved the Junior Section at Weybridge when the previous Junior coach left suddenly.  I remember him coming to me and saying "It's up to us now, we've got to look after the kids" ... and we did.  Nick, Jon and I formed a close bond and, despite limited experience, managed to keep the Junior Section going and improving.  Jon was always full of ideas and plans and under his guidance and boundless enthusiasm we pushed the boundaries of our ability to, and beyond, their limits.  

Although we have not seen much of Jon at the club in the last few weeks I know he has been with us in spirit.  On our visit a few days ago he quizzed us about plans and obviously intended very much being part of those plans.

He was so proud of the juniors at Weybridge, whether they won medals or not.  He appreciated that sometimes coming a close second was more of an achievement than winning a pot.

Needless to say, Nick and I are greatly affected by this unexpected news, and our thoughts are with Julia, Anna and Matt.  Matt is, unfortunately, still in America; he was coming back next week.

If you are so inclined, please remember Jon, Julia, Matt and Anna in your prayers.

Jon, we will miss you.  May your glass continue to be full -  rest in peace our friend.

Clive and Nick

Wednesday 7th August

Nick and Clive went to see Jon in Cherry Ward at St. Peters.  Julia was with him and he seemed bright and chatty, albeit not always quite lucid all the time.  Julia is trying to get him home next week.

Sunday 4th August

A text message to say that Jon is back in hospital.  I suspect that the first course of drugs is taking their toll.  We have no further information than this, at this time.

Sunday 28th July

Jon phoned whilst Nick and I were en-route from St. Neots to home.  He sounded lively and full of mischief. Obviously relieved with recent prognosis. CC

Saturday 27th July

Voicemail from Jon advising that the specialists have said they can get rid of the tumour by a course of strong drugs in 3 to 6 months. He sounded up beat and relieved, as you might expect. He continues to be buoyed up by the huge amount of support and concern from members of the club, and ex members, who contact him by phone and in person.  No doubt in my mind that is playing a major part in his positive frame of mind. CC

Tuesday 23rd July

Jon made a welcome visit to his 2nd home, Weybridge RC during the evening session.  He was greeted by parents, juniors and Weyfarers all pleased to see him in those tasteful shorts of his.   Lets hope we see more of him soon. NC

Monday 22nd July

Jon is still relaxing at home, and like all of us, is finding this heat wave a little tiring.    With many phone calls and plenty of visitors, it does appear to be one long social for Jon.  He has been assessed for a course of oral chemo therapy starting this Thursday, which the Doctors are hoping will shrink the tumour, and reduce the local swelling.

Tuesday 16th July

Jon returned home on Friday evening, and by Saturday lunch time was fully installed at home,  watching the cricket.  He is looking good and sounding well, despite having major surgery less than a week ago.   This Thursday he will be visiting St. Lukes, Guildford so they can access him for a suitable treatment plan. Jon had been keeping updated with the results from Nottingham, London and Kingston and sends his congratulations to all involved.   NC

Friday 12th July

I spoke with Jon today.  He certainly is very alert and full of ideas and does not want his surgery to get in the way of his involvement at the club.   He has been overwhelmed with all the cards that he has received and he sends his thanks to every one  who kindly added their name and thoughts to a one.  He is expected to be allowed to leave Hospital today, for convalescence at home.   No doubt we can expect to see him visiting WRC soon. 

We don't yet know the outcome of Monday's exploratory surgery; we will post information when it has been absolutely confirmed to us.  Anyway, Nick has just told me that Jon's home and in fighting spirit and will do battle with the Oncologist next Thursday.  

Obviously don't send any more post to the Hospital but I'm sure Jon would welcome messages, leg pulls, and general silliness to his home address:
97 Bois Hall Road
KT15 2JW

Tuesday 9th July

Jon has had his 1st major operation on Monday and is recovering well, sitting up in bed, and guess what... still talking.  Results and decisions to be made on Friday.

Saturday 6th July

It has been confirmed, we understand, that what is in Jon's bonce is a brain tumour.  Not being a man who ever does things by halves, he's managed to get himself something that is described as 'seriously substantial' - I heard a comment that the people at the hospital are wondering how he's still standing!  The investigatory surgery on Monday seeks to establish a number of certainties following which the best course of treatment will be devised.

It is likely that the results of these tests will take a couple of weeks to come through and during that time it is possible that Jon will be able to return home to rest.

I can just imagine Jon's last words to the anaesthetist before he goes under will be something about hoping they play the right kind of music during the operation.

I know that the card the Juniors wrote to him during the week meant a huge amount to him.  His address, at least for the next few days is:
Jon Beagley
Bay 2 / Bed 6
Mckissock Ward
Atkinson Morley Unit
St. George's Hospital
Blackshaw Road
London SW17 0QT
Should you wish to send 'Get Well' cards.


Friday 5th July

This is a private web page for the members of Weybridge Rowing Club only.  It is not available from the main website and only those who know the URL can access it.

As many members are aware, Jon is in hospital at the moment.  Many have asked about him and rather than listen to the alarming rumours that are currently circulating we have decided the best way to ensure clarity of information is to provide a factual update as we have the information.

Nick is in touch with Jon's wife, Julia, who is a nurse and will keep us in touch.

Jon was having trouble with his eyes and went to the Optician who spotted something and sent him to A+E.  To cut a long story short, he was admitted to St. Peters last Thursday week for tests and moved to St. George's Hospital Tooting on Tuesday.

Nick, Katy and I went to see him this afternoon where we found him bright and breezy, enjoying the afternoon sun and pestering us about who's doing what in what boat etc.  He is thrilled beyond measure about the prospect for the girls on Sunday in the GB vs France match, and dreadfully regrets not being able to attend at Henley to spur on our Fawley crew.

He advised us he was having further tests on Monday to see what can be done about something pressing on his optic nerve.  We don't know what that is or what the results will be so until that time we don't wish to make any further comment.

The matter is however quite serious and Jon is very much in our thoughts at this time.

Jon soaking up the sun, in his hospital bed.