27th December - 2010 - All the best, Jack

Weybridge RC Junior Squad wishes Jack Shepherd 'bon voyage' and all the best as he heads off today to the University of Washington in Seattle, USA on a rowing scholarship.  Jack learned to row at Weybridge, went up to Molesey where he represented the Club at Henley and other high profile events, and has rowed in the World Junior championships.  His sister and brother are both part of the Junior squad at Weybridge with Alice having represented the club on several occasions.  CC

18th December 2010 - Junior of the Year

The Weybridge Rowing Club Junior Section 'Junior of the Year' award was introduced by Head Junior Section Coach, Jon Beagley, and presented by the Captain, Kirk Langley, to Emelia Cole.  Emelia has consistently shown tenacity, commitment and enthusiasm to have a successful year, with a win at Henley and some very close seconds, starting at Marlow Town Regatta earlier this year.  Well done Emelia.  CC

18th December 2010 - Christmas Pudding Races

Weybridge Rowing Club - Christmas Puddin' Races, 2010

Wow, what a morning.  Bright and clear - then the snow came down ... and boy did it snow.  Phil Roberts and Nick Coxhead were handy with their cameras and I was going to chose a photo to put here. However, there are so many good ones that I've embedded the photo site here - do take a look.  The event was won by the 'Comet' crew of Rachel Harris, George Roberts, Ashley Tilling, Anne Morris and Katie Knowles.  Very many thanks to Clare Cole and her team for some exceptional catering (hot cheese and ham croissants, mmm), and to WRC Veterans Dave Hudson (starter) and Greg Jones (finish line umpire) for being out in the snow all morning.  CC (P.S. some photos were also used by British rowing on their Christmas website)

11th December - Walton Small Boats

Good conditions for this event which has suffered in the past.  No Junior squad wins, but good tries from most.  Our first junior entries for a Pairs event for as long as I've been involved.  First race for James H and Patrick.  Close second in WJ16 2x for Alice and Becky even after a 10 second penalty for attacking Staines!  CC

20th November 2010 - Kingston Small Boats

Three boats for Weybridge at Kingston - a win for Ali and Steve in the morning, with a 2/7 place for George and Toby and a 4/7 for Alice and Becky (who were less than 45 secs off the winning boat).  Despite being held up on the row to the start our junior crews made up considerable time and were passing all-and-sundry as they approached your shivering correspondent near the finish!  Well done all.  CC

6th November 2010 - Henley Sculls

A lovely day on the river at Henley.  Two very close seconds in the doubles; George and Toby missed first by only 2 seconds - that's pretty much just one more hard push, chaps!  Also a very well deserved WIN for Emelia Cole in WJ14 1x.  Other crews all did very well on an almost perfect day for rowing; Mark came 8th out of a field of 26 in J18 1x (and managed to stay in the boat during the whole race, for a change).  Well done all.  CC

31st October 

A very useful and enjoyable training session with Guildford Rowing Club, enjoyed by all.  Guildford wrote a very enthusiastic thank you note.  Will do it again.  CC

16th August - courses

It's been a really busy August.  We've had a 'D' course, a couple of 'T' courses and some 'special skills' courses for existing members.  All seem to have gone off very well.  Thanks to all who have lead the events and who have helped.  CC

31st July - maintenance

A couple of weeks of deep maintenance on the boats which all available members are expected to share.  We are stripping our boats to their shells and cleaning them with Cif and elbow grease.  They are coming out nice and shiny but it takes time and effort.  with only really being able to complete one boat per weekend.  Other Wey Up will be going to Janousek for repair this week.  CC update: Janousek are too busy to deal with OWU so Nick will try to make other arrangements. Further update: OWU was subsequently repaired by Andre at a fraction of the price quoted by others.

24/25 July - Staines and Burway Regattas

A win for Ben and Zac in J16 2x - and I wasn't there to see it!  Well done to them and all who took part; I hear we had a good day and were well represented.

Natalie came through four heats to a final in WJ15 1x and gave the row of her life to the girl from Kings who just beat her.  Well done to Natalie and Harriet for representing us.  CC 

11th July - Kingston Regattas

Two sizzling Regattas back-to-back this weekend.  Both tough ones; the standard of competition here is as high as it gets in 'general' regattas.  Some sterling efforts for Weybridge crews as usual, but it also shows just how much more work there is to do both an and off the water if we are to be up with the best clubs around.  Best efforts of the weekend - Natalie and Emelia, Ben & Zac.  CC

30th June - Henley Royal Regatta

The St. Georges crew did well but still gave 1 1/4L to Hampton as they crossed the line.  A very good race for them as Hampton had a lot to lose! Hampton subsequently lost to St. Joseph's Preparatory School of the USA.   However ex-WRC member Jack Shepherd is sitting in the bow seat in the Molesey 'A' boat.  Unfortunately they lost on Friday 2/7/10 to Thames Rowing club by 2/3L. CC

27th June 2010 - Egham

Gosh, another scorcher - and not just the weather!  A win against Tideway Scullers for Ben and Zac in J16 2x brings home a pot.  Emelia in her first race in her proper age category did really well, just missed getting into the semi-final by a length.  George and Toby beat off strong opposition in Clare Court to find themselves into the final against Walton; with both crews registering a time of 2:07 in their semi's it was going to be a close match.  In the event the Walton crew prevailed by about a length but it shows what potential we have with more training.  Natalie struggled with a seat issue so was unable to show her potential, Toby lost out in a quarter-final and Francesca & Charlotte put in an encouraging performance in their WJ16 2x.  Well done to all.  CC.

25th June 2010 - news from Henley

WRCJnr readers will be interested to know that four ex-Weybridge members features in the strongest St. Georges college Boat Club VIII to hit Henley for a while.  Their first race is at 2:10 on Wednesday against Hampton School boat club.

20th June 2010 - Thames Valley Park
Whew, a scorcher at TVP and not only the weather.  This event is squarely aimed at schools rowing so for clubs to enter and do well is very difficult.  All Weybridge crews tried hard and we managed a final (Natalie in the J15 1x).  Emelia, in her first race for the club at a year above her status did particularly well, losing to the eventual winner despite pressing her all the way to the finish line.  Joe and James B also had a notable row, leaving two other crews eating their wake in the quarter final of the J15 2x.  Well done to all who took part.  Thanks to the parents who came along to support both Weybridge and Guildford RC with whom Claudia was rowing a composite.  CC

17th June 2010 - Anthony Meyer

We say goodbye to Ant today, who has been offered a place in a Molesey racing boat.  All at Weybridge wish him well and look forward to seeing him around and about, and keeping in touch as we do with others who have moved to Molesey.  CC

12th June 2010 - Marlow Town Regatta

A pleasant day was had at Marlow Town regatta, part of the Marlow Town festival.  No wins but some excellent sculling from those who took part. CC

30th May 2010 - National Schools Regatta - special report

Whilst not strictly speaking Weybridge RC news, you might be interested to hear that St. George's College Boat Club's J15 4+ boat, containing ex-Weybridge members, won the School's only Gold medal in their race on Saturday and came a close 4th in the same race, but for J16s, on Sunday.  Jack Shepherd was pipped to a gold medal in the Championship Pairs rowing for Molesey Boat Club;  Maidenhead were judged to have won by 8/100th second.  Alex Keenes was rowing in the J16 1x for Molesey; unfortunately he didn't quite make the cut into the semi finals.  The standard of rowing was excellent - I wish our top rowers could have been there to watch as the bar is set high.  Walton also looked to pick up some golds.  Cold and wet on Saturday, hot but very windy on Sunday. CC

9th May 2010 - Ball Cup

Two silver medals at the Ball Cup at Dorney.  In good conditions Toby and George (J14 2x) and Natalie and Harriet (J15 2x) won through the heat to come second in their finals so well done to them.  We had, I think, five finals in all so well rowed!  Other crews did well but need more practice together.  It's a difficult time at the moment because of exams so we need to work around them as much as possible without losing sight of the benefits that rowing can bring to academic study.  CC

25th April 2010 - Lea Regatta

Wey Hey - three pots in our first regatta of the season.  Well done to N2x Mark and James N, the boys quad of Mark, Stan, Zac and James N, and J14 2x Toby and George (first wins).  Also some great rowing from our other crews including the J17 girls quad up at IM3 who only just miss a win.  JB very happy!  CC

18th April 2010 - JIRR

Ant and Ben are representing Thames Region in J16 2x at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta at Nottingham next Sunday 25th April, whilst the rest of the club will be at Lea Regatta.  They won't be dressed quite like this ... CC

17th April 2010- Becky Morris

Next weekend, Becky Morris is running in the world schools cross country event.  We wish her the best of luck.  CC

15th April 2010 - Pip & Keith Bolding - London Marathon

Pip Bolding (juniors) and her Dad Keith (Weyfarers) are both running the London Marathon for Rainbow Trust which it is a small charity in Leatherhead which helps to give help and support to critically/terminally ill children and their families. Keith has been training for a year having never been a runner. Pip has had to fit the training in around AS and A level work. The run is on Sunday 25th April. Look out for them in their rainbow shirts. Please  The photo will show you what they will look like and if you would like to sponsor them all the better. Thanks. They have a 9.45 start before the cucumbers and caterpillars!!. They are hoping to complete the race in about 4 1/2 hours crossing the finishing line at about 2.30 pm. They then make their way to The Golden Lion Pub in Kings Street which is just off Pall Mall. If you are in London watching you would be most welcome to the finishing Pub which has food and drink for runners, family, friends. Your support for Keith and Pip will be much appreciated. CC  - Update 26/4/10 - they did it in 4:53 crossing the line together.  Still lots of fundraising to go so please help by donating through their Just Giving page (link above)

11th April 2010 - French group

Great fun on the water this weekend with a group from France enjoying the spring sunshine and a row up to Dorney on Saturday, and back from Runneymede on Sunday.  All enjoyed the weekend and many thanks to the mums and dads who provided transport.  We have an invitation to go to Lake Geneva next year. cc

10th April 2010 - Walton Small Boats / Spring Head

Congratulations to Ant Meyer and Ben Jeffries, and Natalie Dailey and Harriet Fisher who both won their races at the many times rescheduled Walton Small Boats event.  Well done too, to our other Junior crews, none of whom did badly at all, some only 10s or so off a win.  All good stuff for the ensuing year. CC

20th March 2010 - Kingston Head of the River Race

Great performances from our junior boats at Kingston.  The WJ14 4x+ came second in their category, and the boys pretty much lost only to school rowing (including two Windsor Boys Sch. boats) so in Club terms we were brilliant!  CC

16th March 2010 - NJIRC

HUGE fun at the National Indoor Rowing Championships at Battersea today.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  Great performances all round with Natalie and Harriet battling it out at the front of Yr10 girls and attracting positive comment from the compere.  The results: Amy (yr9) 57/177, James Ballard and Joe Kirk 47/181 and 127/181 respectively (both yr10), Natalie and Harriet 7/112 and 14/112 respectively (both yr10), Zac (yr11) 12/109 and Claudia 12/16 in yr 12.  The reports I had back from the day were that our entrants represented the Club very well indeed.  Well done to all.  CC

12th March 2010 - NJSH

National Junior Sculling Head - great rowing by our J17 boys and WJ14 girls teams despite wet and cold conditions.  Very well done both!  CC

19th February 2010

Facebook page 'Weybridge Rowing Club' created.  Not to be confused with an older one called Weydridge Rowing Club or something similar!  CC

15th February 2010

We welcome Francesca Sharp-Paul from Molesey BC. CC

WRCJnr sends best wishes to James Capel and Liam Maloney who go to GB trials in Boston next weekend.  CC

2nd February 2010

Spring Junior beginner course fully subscribed.  Starts 28th Feb.CC

31st January 2010

Great fun at the Weybridge Triathlon today.  Three teams of five participated; all safely completed the bike ride, ergo challenge and run.  Thanks to team captains Charlie, Ben and Stan and to all marshalls. CC

18/5/11 - News pages archived

All of last year (2010) news is now archived so we can clear up some space. You can still access this news by clicking on the news reports over in the left navigation bar. From the homepage, you will now always come to the current news page. CC