News 2006

17/12/06 - WRC Christmas Dinner a Success for All

This year's annual Christmas Dinner took place on the 16th December 2006. This evening is hosted at the Weybridge Rowing Club clubhouse, and was be loaded with activities such as the raffle and featured a great Dinner cooked by Caroline, Sheila and their team.

Everyone enjoyed the evening with a good community spirit from all and thanks to all those who helped all round as well as those who came and enjoyed the lovely cooking and fun!

 More of the night is available by images over here. We once again take this opportunity to wish everyone a great Christmas and hope that we will see you again next week or for the Christmas day row - complete with mince pies.

26/11/06  WRCjnr available for mobile users

The team here at Weybridge Rowing Club Junior Squad want to make things as easy for you as possible. So, we've been thinking, and decided that we will make the WRCjnr website available for you to view on your mobile phone.
This means you can access all the usual news, views, pictures and more from your mobile phone, with a WRCjnr version optimised for your phone.
On your phone browser, simply type:

This means on those mornings where you're not sure if rowing is on, because of weather for example, you can view our 'Weekend Training Status' system from your mobile phone, much quicker than using a computer 

If you've got any questions about this new great feature, e-mail our team by clickinghere.

New: Send a text saying " ZIN WRCjnr Mobile" to 53100 to get WRCjnr site straight to your mobile

Applies to compatible phone handsets and networks only. Network charges may vary. Contact the team for more details. Terms, Conditions and Fair Usage policy apply.

26/11/06 - WRC Xmas Dinner heats up

As many of you have seen, posters have been appearing around the club, detailing this year's Weybridge Rowing Club Christmas Dinner.
The Dinner is on the 16th December 2006, at you are asked to attend at 7pm, for a 7:30pm meal sitting. It's only £10 for all our Junior members, and it's a good idea to reserve your ticket now; there are limited spaces for the meal, which will be held at the clubhouse.

The meal this year will include the following:

  • Mulled Wine
  • Turkey, and all the trimmings
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Mince Pies
  • A raffle
  • And more

To reserve your place at this years Christmas Dinner, contact the WRCjnr Team, by clicking here, alternativley you can talk to Sheila Owens, our Social Secretary. E-mail our team for Sheila's contact details.

23/11/06 - Straight back to action for WRCjnr

(Burway Small Boats Head has been cancelled due to strong weather conditions)

18/11/06 - WRCjnr's Dance the Night Away at Annual Dinner and Dance

Everything and everyone was ready and waiting for the dinner dance, as it finally came and the clocked ticked over, people started to arrive complete with their dresses and suits, ready and waiting with their dancing shoes donned.

The Juniors enjoyed the initial meal of the evening which was followed by two presentations, one a thank you to John Beagley for all he has put in over the year, our thanks go out to you John and the Spreadbury Cup to Clive Capel, after the time he has put into the squad.

The evening had not ended their as following the raffle, the Juniors showed what they were made of dancing the night away on the dance floor to some excellent songs, showing who really are the disco divas. 

The much anticipated photos of the event (no that really is what you look liked, we've got evidence) are over here.

17/11/06- Kingston Shows Who's Still King

Article by James "Fred" Coxhead

Weybridge returned to Kingston last Sunday for the long (and sometimes windy) 5km head race.

In division 1, James Coxhead and Jack Shepherd had both entered J15 singles. Unfortunately, their opposition from Kings College had scratched, leaving James and Jack to race against each other. James won the race with a time of 20:48, and Jack coming not too far behind, finishing the race in 22:03.

Alex Tarrant decided to fill in for James Whittingham (who decided to scratch) in the senior 3 singles. Alex had a tough day at the GB Trials in Boston the day before, but did well to finish in 21:36

Kirsten and Diana were also racing in division 1 in WJ16 2x. They beat a Kingston Grammar School double (which they beat at Henley the previous week) coming first in their category. They completed the race with a total time of 20:12.

The division 1 competitors were lucky to have a tailwind blowing them along the course, but sadly this changed by division 2. James Piercy raced in J14 1x, coming second to a sculler from Southampton by just 5 seconds! His total time was 22:42

Katy and Rowena put a good and valiant effort into WJ 2x, completing the course in 24:27.

Next up on the WRC calendar is the dinner & dance this Saturday, and Burway Small Boats next Saturday.

The results can be found online with the times hitting the spreadsheet soon.

9/11/06 - Tuesday's and Thursdays - It's Training Time

Could all juniors, especially the 'A' and 'B' Groups, please take on board this notice from Clive:

The Committee have reminded us that training sessions for selected Juniors on a Tuesday and Thursday night at the Club are subject to a contribution to the Club of £1.50 per junior and £3.00 per adult per session.  This is to cover the provision of an external coach, and utilities at the Club.  The Heathside sessions also incur this charge. 

From now on, please note that this charge applies and ensure that you have funds to cover this very modest contribution, as well as any expenditure at the bar!

Please also note that the Tuesday session is designed for the Club 'A' group rowers only, whilst Thursday is also open too the more enthusiastic Club 'B' group too.  But be warned - neither days are easy sessions!

7/11/06 - Henley Sculls Report

Article by James 'Fred' Coxhead:

Cold, chilly weather. Perfect for a head.

Saturday was the first time that Weybridge juniors had raced at Henley, and they did so in style gaining one win and some other good results.

Kirsten & Diana fought against five other strong crews and came first in WJ16 2x, with a total time of 14:24.

James Coxhead and Jack Shepherd set out confidently in J15 2x. Although they last raced together in a double at Evesham (at the very start of the regatta season), they did extremely well to come second with a total time of 13:20. They were only 30 seconds away from getting a win, and both James and Jack seem confident to win next time.

Katy and Rowena did well in their category, WJ18 2x. They completed the course in 16:13, and kept smiling throughout the race.

After a brake, James and Jack both raced again in J15 1x, joined by James Piercy. They had some very strong competition, with roughly 45 J15 scullers racing. Sam Howell from St Neots and Rob Ashburner from Maidenhead (Gold and silver nat champs medallists respectivly) were racing, which pushed the three to their limits, which paid off. James C came 9th (14:25), Jack came 24th (15:47), and James P (who was rowing up a category) came 32nd (16:14). No photos from division three, as the photographer had decided to go home. How nice of him!

Thanks go to Jon for organising us, Clive for towing the trailer and support, Chris DeMauny and Fiona Parry for support, and James Piercy & Jack Shepherds dads for their support.

Up next is Kingston Head on Sunday, with its challenging 5km course! Fun, fun, fun!

- - - -

The full write ups of the results of this event and more can be found on the Resultspage.

4/11/06 - 2 week coutdown begins for Dinner Dance

Yes, only two weeks remains before the return of the annual Weybridge Rowing Club Dinner Dance, which this year is at the Hilton Hotel in Weybridge.
Last year's 125th celebration was a huge success, and it is hoped this year will be just as much fun, if not more.
The numbers, however, are limited to only 150 members, so don't wait any longer; send your ticket application into Sheila Owens (our Social Secretary) as soon as possible. Tickets are going fast, so don't delay.
Once again this year promises to be a great event, with the usual meal followed by a dance and a laugh with all the Weybridge Members, Junior and Senior. If you've got any questions, just        e-mail our team.

16/10/06 - Halloween Horrors for WRC

Next Thursday sees the return of the social event to the WRC clubroom. This event 'celebrates' the annual coming of Halloween; a time of everthing ghostly - witches, ghouls and of course, Sheila's BBQs!

The party will run from 7pm-10pm and will be in the clubhouse where there will be snacks, games, games, yet more games, drinks and fun by the couldren-full! There will be a BBQ downstairs to provide some tradition WRC grub. The entry fee will be £5 and will include a drink and food from the BBQ, but extra drinks must be purchased from the bar. If you want to attend please put your name on the list in the clubhouse.

Sheila is looking for some devilish decorators to help prepare the clubroom for the evening-do so please tell Sheila if you are willing and able.

Silver Sculls Information

This Saturday sees the annual Silver Sculls return to the Thames and the competition has never looked better! The startlist can be found here. Please ensure you have enough time to boat and get up to the start and that you know which division you are in. Check the WRC Racing Timetables on the Events page for more information.

Sheila also asks any juniors (and enthusiastic parents) if they could bring some cakes (homemade or shop-bought) to Elmbridge Canoe Club (the SS finish line) before 12pm on Saturday. Any donations would be welcomed immensely.   

13/10/06 - WRCjnr Shop Goes Live

From 9pm today, the WRCjnr Online Shop was launched for the public. The shop features many novelty items, as well as casual clothing and training tops. The items are branded with either the WRC or WRCjnr logo and some are fully customisable so you can add your own name, position in the boat etc.

To access the shop click here.

Nb. If you want to have a piece of clothing custom made for you then we will strive to try and meet your demands, just email the WRCjnr Team with your request. We can produce products in any colour and with any text written.

Please note: The shop stocks optional items of clothing (and other items). The tops available for purchase do not count as official Weybridge Rowing Club racing gear. To purchase racing clothing (all-in-ones, splash tops etc.) please contact Clive Capelwho will then place an order with Powerhouse Ltd.

You may also notice a increase in improvements with the Team Spirit page, yes, we have moved over to a new server - in link with future developments. It should be faster and more efficient to log on and will cope with more visitors without slowing down. We know you don't like to wait around so thats why we have made it better and easier for you, our readers. If you have any other ideas or feedback, do not hesistate in contacting us.

9/10/06 - WRC Silver Sculls Notice

From Jon and Clive:

The Saturday morning training session on 21st October will be suspended due to WRC's 'Silver Sculls' head.
Juniors who would normally attend training on Saturday (and Sunday's session too) are 'requested' * to attend the towpath to watch the event, to learn from the fine sculling and rowing that will occur, and to 'give it very 'large and loud' for all fellow Weybridge Rowing Club competitors, whether Juniors or Seniors or Vets.  Encouragement from the bank really does make a difference.
We will try to have someone on hand who can point out the aspects of technique from which you can learn.
Volunteers are always required and appreciated - suggested jobs are:
  • Timekeeping, particularly spotting competitors' numbers and calling them out to the timekeepers (since juniors tend to have better eyesight than the oldies)
  • Those who are handy with computers could be responsible for computerised timing.  We have never yet managed to make it work, mainly due to people pressing the buttons at the wrong time!
  • Results inputting and checking
  • Results delivery (requires bicycle)
  • Selling food
Please note that Clive will not be around this week, so Jon and Nick will be short-handed - your help will be appreciated.
Many thanks
* this means that you are expected to attend - it's not a 'day off'

8/10/06 - Provisional SS Entries

Below is are the provisional crews for the upcoming Weybridge Silver Sculls. Please contact Jon or Clive or the WRCjnr Team if you are unavailable for this event.

J14 single Max Jackson

J15 1x: Fred and Jack S

J15 2x: Fred/Jack S

J 2x: Matt/Alex

S4/J 1x: James Whittingham

WJ16 2x: Kirsten/Diana

WN 1x: Emma W

WN 2x: Katy/Rowenna

07/10/06 - WRCjnr's Start in Style at Cambridge

Article by James 'Fred' Coxhead:

Weybridge kicked off the head season in style today back up in Cambridge. Whilst only a small handful of members attended, some great results were achieved. Whilst only 2.6KM, the course sounds pretty short and easy; but several sharp bends (some close to 90!°) made things slightly harder.

James Coxhead and Jack Shepherd had both entered J15 singles, and were slightly worried when they found out that there were 17 (Yes, 17!) entries in their category. However, James came 2nd with a time of 13:10, losing out to oppostion from Ely by just 1 minute; and Jack came 4th with a time of 14:10, which was equally good as this was his first race in a single.

Sadly, Kirsten Owens had no opposition but still raced. Like Jack, this was her first race in a single, and she easily completed the course in 14:31.

Big thanks go to Tim Owens for towing the trailer, keeping us in order as well as supporting us, and to Chris DeMauny & Fiona Parry for helping us out, and being supportive

14/9/06 - End of Season Newletter by Clive Capel

Cambridge Autumn Regatta marked our last regatta of the season.  Three good wins from 7 finals - and lots of great races.  Well done to those who took part and special thanks to Big Jon for coaching and such dedication to the WRCjunior cause.

Thanks also to Carl, Tracey, Caroline, Nick, Sheila and other ‘seniors’ who have help us along our way this year - and in particular to Tim and Ian who have pulled the trailer for the Club.


We plan to kick off the ‘Head’ season at Cambridge (by co-incidence) which is a 2.8k course.  Lots of stamina needed! 


As the light is fading fast at day’s end, we will be reverting to indoor training sessions in a few weeks.  Please keep an eye on the website for further details.


Finally, thank you from the ‘Coaching Team’ for giving us great support this year, and for making it such an enjoyable season for us.


- - - -


Have you read Jon Beagley's article over on Team Spirit? It is well worth a look as it will most certainly inspire you for the upcoming Head season and provides an end of season debrief. Login to Team Spirit now to check it out!

13/9/06 - Praise for Juniors after Cambridge effort

Following Cambridge Autumn Regatta this year, we would like to congratulate, and thank all members of the Weybridge Rowing Club Junior Squad for the excellent packing and unpacking of the trailer this weekend.

The effort made has been noticed by many seniors, and is greatly appreciated. The trailer was packed with riggers and blades safely as well as neatly, and all the boats were securely fastened in the right positions. We have also been asked to commend the Juniors who attended the Monday night re-rig session who all rigged the necessary boats efficiently, and effectively.

Well done to all Junior members involved, it hasn't gone unnoticed and hopefully we can keep up this good profile as the Head season approaches.

12/9/06 - Excellent Equipment Weekend

An important message from Caroline:

This weekend the focus will be on how to take care of your equipment to ensure it is in top condition for both training and racing. Learn how to:

  • Carry equipment safely
  • Check that it is safe and adjusted correctly
  • Check for wear and tear and report defects
  • Store it correctly to avoid damage

On Sunday you will also have a chance to learn more advanced rigging techniques.

Claire will be Mistress of Ceremonies, assisted by Anne and Caroline.

Cambridge gets the Weybridge Treatment

Last Sunday (10th September), a fairly large - and very strong - Weybridge RC squad travelled to Cambridge Autumn Regatta. The results were more than impressive...

The boys J16 double of Tom Capel and Chris Jones set the trend for the day by having a confortable and controlled win against Champions of the Thames, leading from start to finish. Unfortunately they were beaten in the next round by the eventual winners, Norwich RC. Also rowing in the J16 2x event were Jack Shepard and James Amico, J15s rowing up a level and as it turned out, not finding that step up too challenging. They had a spectacular win against Deben RC, however in the next round were beaten by Weybridge clubmates Jackson Lippold and Tristan Davies, desptite a valliant effort. Jackson and Tristan were beaten in the final by the same Norwich crew that knocked Chris and Tom out of the event.

In the men's Novice double sculls event, Tom Oxton and Matt Beagley were beaten by Thames Tradesmen after having a row over in their first race. This was Tom's first race of the summer for Weybridge after suffering from a broken wrist in early August.

In the Junior double sculls, Matt Tarrant and Alex Tarrant had a row over in their first round, and beat Globe RC comfortably in their semi-final. In the final they lead Peterborough until 100m before the finish when steering complications lead them to skim the bank (and weeds) with their blades. It is needless to say that they were very, very unlucky to lose that race.

Julia Lowes and Emma Disher made good progress in the WJ16 2x event after beating Champions of the Thames in the semi-final. Unfortunately they were beaten by an excellent Norwich double which had earlier dumped Kirsten Owens and Georgina Grant out of the competition.

Although the girls lost in the double event, they still had their coxless quad to go. They did not seem to be daunted by the fact that they were racing several levels up and had an amazing win against Maidstone RC in the Womens Senior 4 coxless quad event.

The coxless quad was a successful event for Weybridge as the crew of Jackson Lippold, Chris Jones, George Flowerday and Tom Capel easily beat Globe RC in an eventful J 4x final. About 10 strokes after the start, the Globe RC bowman decided he liked the look of Weybridge's water and promptly entered it and in doing so clashed blades with Jackson in the stroke seat. The bow three of our boat dug in and powered past the Globe boat until Jackson was able to row. The boys sculled a powerful race when free and looked very neat and strong.

James 'Fred' Coxhead put on a very good display of single sculling in the J15 event. He beat a St Ives sculler in the semi-finals with a very promising showing. However in the final he raced a Peterborough sculler who proved just too strong for him dispite a brave effort.

The real success story of the day was the mens Novice coxed four. Alex Tarrant, Matt Beagley (Walton RC), Matt Tarrant, James Whittingham and cox Tom Capel went through 3 rounds to finally win the N4+ event. The boys had been at it all summer, and were so close at W&WR, but at the final regatta of the season won the event with excellent performances against Milton Keynes, Medway Town and Peterborough. The win was especially memorable for Matt Tarrant as in winning this event he claimed his first win in his rowing career.

This truly was a very successful final regatta for Weybridge Rowing Club, as victories extend beyond pewter-ware (or glass-ware in this case). The Junior Squad of WRC put on an excellent show of rowing and sculling and even in loss were never far from those who overcame them. The usual thanks go to Jon and Clive for organising the logistics of our participation in the regatta, Ian Tarrant for towing the trailor and for all those who came up to support us. Thank you very much for your support throughout the regatta season.

Photos of this event and others are available on our Photos and Videos page.

To view the results from this event and others click here. 

6/9/06 - Cambridge Regatta Information

The draw for this Sunday's Cambridge Regatta is now available, and you can access it by clicking here. The WRC Timetables have been updated to include Cambridge, so please head over to the Events page and look at what times you are racing and required onsite. Once again, we have a fairly large entry so we will need lots more of the support shown at Lea last weekend. We were even complemented by our opposition on our cheering at Lea so please keep it up!

Click here to download directions to Cambridge Regatta and a map of the surrounding area which the WRCjnr Team have put together for you.  We'd also like to request that you arrive at least 90 minutes before your scheduled race time.

Can we also remind all competitors that this is a 3 day regatta. One day is loading, the next racing and finally there is deloading and re-rigging. We do not want to have the same people deloading the trailor on behalf of other people.

1/9/06 - Lea Regatta Travel Information

Note from Clive regarding the regatta at LEA Rowing Club on Sunday 3rd September.

Lea Rowing Club does not seem to have an address or postcode anywhere on it's website - or at least none that I could see.  If you are looking or you need to search for Spring  Hill, Hackney, London.  Lea RC is at the bottom of Spring Hill. 

Please allow 90 minutes travelling time.  The routes vary from 1:10 (via M25/M4) to 1:20 (via M25/Dartford).  I have heard talk of a bicycle race in the centre of London on Sunday - I have not verified this - so please don't assume the most direct route is the quickest. 

Please remember that all combatants should be at the trailer 90 minutes prior to their boat time in order to carefully rig and thoroughly check their boats - shoes, hatches, bow balls, gates, blades etc.  Do not assume that because someone was using it at the Club on Saturday morning it is in order.  If you can't race because of a defect you should have spotted and rectified, you are still on the hook for the entry fee and trailerage!  You have to be responsible for your boat. 

Don't forget your ARA cards - I have a whole bunch.  SGCBC members, please note I will return your cards after Cambridge Regatta next week. 

Please note that all those racing at Lea will need to prepare their boats and put them on the trailer by 12:00 on Saturday 2nd September.  All those taking part are reminded that de-rigging and preparing their boats are part of the overall process of racing; you can't leave it to someone else without making special arrangements.  Things do not happen on their own. 

The 10:00 Saturday session will be mainly used to demonstrate boat handling, de-rigging, race preparation and trailering. 

Thanks for your co-operation. 


30/8/06 - Lea Regatta Information

The draw for this Sunday's Lea Regatta is now available, and you can access it by clicking here. The WRC Timetables have been updated to include Lea, so please head over to the Events page and look at what times you are racing and required onsite. We have a large entry in for this regatta so we will need as much support as we can get. Last year's regatta was enjoyed by all and this year looks to be no different so bring down all your family so we can be the quickest on the water, and the loudest on the bank!

Click here to download the Lea Regatta map, which shows the local area, clubhouse and race course. There are now no excuses for not turning up on time! Please arrive at least 90 minutes before your scheduled race time!

21/8/06 - World Champs fever hits Weybridge RC

Today, on the second day of racing at the WRC2006, Dorney Lake, Eton, the WRCjnr team staged their first appearance at the event, and did so in a bold and upbeat manor. Weybridge RC had a large group going to Dorney today, courtesy of 'Adopt A Nation'; and I think it's fair to say they had a great time. The atmosphere was fantastic with the crowds roaring the boats on all the way to the finish (typically the Weybrige contingent made the most noise!), and there was plenty of other entertainment to keep the crowds happy.

Chris, Tom, Jack and Caroline Turnbull  presented our future development plan to Simon Dickie, the ARA Youth and Development manager. The aim of this talk was to gain extra funding for our ongoing development plan, which is currently at the stage where we hope to acquire two new racing-class doubles.

This talk went very well, and whilst we cannot confirm the outcome at present, the WRCjnr Team remain in contact with Simon whilst the last few forms are completed, and we hope to bring you some promising news soon. So, things are looking promising for the WRCjnr development scheme, and we promise to update you on any developments in the near future.

As for the racing, the Ukraine (our adopted nation) didn't have a brilliant day and returned to their team hotel early, which was disappointing as the Weybridge Junior members did hope to meet some of the team. However Team GB had a good day with the W4x, LM2-, LW4x, LM2x and M8+ all progressing to the next round. Hopefully they will recieve Weybridge RC support in their races throughout the week; and if you havn't already been to Dorney this week, it is a thoroughly recommended event and is well worth the short trip.

20/8/06 - Oxford Stag-Do: Hardfought, but Fruitless

Today saw a small, all male, Weybridge RC squad descend onto Oxford Sprint Regatta.

It was an unusually small entry for WRC, with many squad members on holiday or busy with other commitments, however there were high hopes for those who went.

These hopes didn't get much higher for Alex Tarrant, the J18 sculler who has been so close to getting that maiden event win in recent regattas, but just being pipped to the post. Alex progressed comfortably into the final after brushing aside a competitor in the semi-finals but was agonisingly beaten by a Wallingford sculler in the final. Alex left with nothing but a bad taste in his mouth, but one that will spur him on to get that first victory.

It was the same Wallingford sculler who overcame Alex's brother, Matt, in the J16 single sculls. Matt had progressed into the semi-final after thrashing a Maidenhead competitor in the quater-finals, but was beaten by a controversial '4 feet'. Matt was 2l down at the 250m mark, but put in a mammoth push and looked to have just pipped his opposition, only to be told his efforts were in vain.

George Flowerday, racing his first regatta for the club, was beaten by a very powerful and tidy Oxford City sculler in the J15 sculls event but was able to take away a lot of positives from his performance.

The Walbridge double of Matt B (Walton RC) and Matt Tarrant were beaten by a strong Oxford City double, who eventually went on to win the event. In the same event, Tom Capel and Tristan Davies - rowing up a year - put in a very creditable effort against an older and stronger Wallingford double, but unfortunately ended up on the losing end.

Although those who competed showed a lot of Team Spirit, they were just missing a little 'X-factor' and were unable to come away with silverware, although the positives picked up from their performances were just as good. The usual thanks go to Clive Capel and Jon Beagley for co-ordinating the operation, and to Ian Tarrant for towing the trailor.

To view photos from this event and others, click here.

18/8/06 - Important message for WRC Juniors

Jon and Clive regret to advise that we will be unable to enter crews for Gloucester/Ross this year.  We cannot get the trailer to Ross for the Gloucester regatta on Saturday, and there was limited enthusiasm for this anyway.  Unfortunately we have a similar problem for the Ross regatta on Sunday 27th and holidays are still taking their toll on squad availability as has been the case throughout summer 2006.

We very much regret having to omit Ross from our regatta schedule this year as it balances Evesham as being a thoroughly enjoyable event and a nice end to the summer holiday regatta season.
However - the Lea regatta is on 3rd September and we want to put in a jolly good entry.  This is a call for all WRC Junior squad members to make a real effort to come to training and prepare for this event, which offers a wide range of races, including some for beginners.  We particularly want to give some of the beginners a chance, so if you haven't raced a real regatta before, now is your chance.  Hopefully we can race the J15 boys and girls, J14 quad and doubles etc as well as maybe the J12 mixed quad.  So come on, make yourselves available for the last regatta of the school holidays.
We are also seriously considering Cambridge Autumn on 10th September.  We did this last year; it's a tough one so only the most experienced crews with some real 'grunt' are likely to make it through, but we've a few near misses to avenge!
Jon Beagley and Clive Capel

10/8/06 - Ukrainian Entry for Worlds is Published

The draw for the World Rowing Championships has been published, and with it, the entry sheets for all the competing nations. As you will all know, Weybridge RC has adopted Ukraine as its nation; so to get to know our nation's athletes better, Caroline has sent us their entry sheet so that you know who is racing, in what, and when. Clickhere to download the Ukrainian entry list for the 2006 World Rowing Championships.

8/8/06 - WRC Volunteers at Worlds

Many of you will know that a handful of Weybridge Rowing Club members will be part of the volunteer crew for this month's World Rowing Championships at Dorney Lake. The WRC volunteers include junior squad members, Jackson Lippold and Jack Percival who will be stakeboat boys at the competition. Click here for a group photo of the WRC volunteers together.

7/8/06 - Annual Rag Regatta a "Fantastic Success"

Regular 'regatta-goers' might have raised an eyebrow at the events available at yesterday's annual Rag Regatta, but the events certainly drew smiles on the faces of all those who participated. Events such as 'Team Ergos', 'Canoe Racing', 'Dongola Racing' and the ever popular 'Gladiator Arena' are not usually found at your average regatta, but this was certainly no average regatta.

The day provided an opportunity for the established WRC members to have a laugh and a splash, whilst those who have never experianced a regatta atmosphere took it all in. Organized events ran throughout the day, whilst the customary BBQ and bar provided visitors with the usual high quality of food and drink that have become associated with all WRC events.

Races were run along the 100m stretch of water that WRC rowers usually boat onto. Everybody who came down was welcome to compete and there was a really good mix of competitors, ranging from the experianced J15 boys squad, to the "Winebar Wanderers", a dongala full of mothers, dads and older siblings. The mix of competitors provided a great carnival-like atmosphere, as everyone battled away in their respective events.

As usual there is an octo's-worth of people to thank, including - as always - Sheila Owens, who coordinated everything wonderfully, and who is fast becoming famous for her event planning. Thanks also go to Clive Capel & Nick Coxhead who made sure everybody was in the right boats at the right time, and to Derek Holmes who was the announcer and finishing marshal for the day. James Whittingham, Andrew Whittingham and Oscar Rogers deserve a pat on the back for their management of the BBQ and bar, whilst Moira Farnham did an excellent job of manning the cake stall. Melanie Clift also deserves a special mention for her excellent work in handling event entries and producing draws for each event. There are many more people who need to be thanked, so if your name is not listed then please don't feel as though your efforts went unnoticed, as the work and Team Spirit of everybody who contributed was reflected in the smiling faces at the end of the day.

For more pictures from this event click here. Thanks go to Brian Farnham and Nick Coxhead for the photos.

Important Notice for all WRC Members!

With our two new doubles about to be delivered, it's time we all got wise to looking after our equipment a bit better. The new boats will cost nearly £5,000 each, and we need to make sure they will give us many years of good service - which means we must keep them in good condition and avoid damaging them.  We also neeed to take better care of our existing boats and blades - if they get broken, then there won't be enough to go round and some people won't be able to go out. Also, the more money the club has to spend on repairs, the less there will be to buy new stuff. Here are some examples of what it costs to mend things:

  • Broken shoulder £130
  • Small hole in the hull £40
  • Complete respray £300
  • Straightening a bent rigger £30
  • New gate £27.50
At yesterday's rag regatta, one of the trimmys got overturned and a seat was lost. This will cost £50 to replace.
We all know accidents can happen and sometimes they can't be avoided. However, there's no excuse for carelessness and stupidity. Remember - this is your equipment, so treat it with the respect it deserves!
Caroline will be organising a "Boatmanship" day in September where we can all learn how to check our equipment, report defects, and carry out minor repairs and adjustments. There'll be a BBQ too, so don't miss it!

4/8/06 - WRCjnr Team Visit Janousek Racing Boats Ltd.

Yesterday, the WRCjnr Team - along with Nick Mundy - visited the Janousek boatbuilding company in Byfleet to take some pictures of our two new Janousek doubles being built (see 18/7/06).

The workers at Janousek were very hospitable, and allowed us to walk around their workshop, taking pictures and observing the complex procedures involved in constructing high performance racing boats.

The visit was very interesting, as none of us had given much thought into where the boats we row in came from, and all the hard work and precision which it takes to make the boats. The visit also assured us that our new doubles were being made in safe, skillful hands, gaving us the knowledge that our boats won't let us down during a race.

Whilst the workers at Janousek build our boats (hopefully in time for Oxford Royal and Oxford Sprint Regattas) the quest is still on to find suitable names for the boats! There is a poll running on our forum, but other suggestions of the WRCjnr Team's are: 'Kings of the Wey', 'Wey Rules Ok', '2 Weys' and 'The Wey to Gold'.

If you would like to add any names to the above list, click here to email us your suggestions, bearing in mind the name should be a play on words using the word 'Wey', and that we are looking for names for two doubles.

2/8/06 - Team Spirit: Helping us Imagine the Possibilities

By now you will have noticed the orange 'Login' button on the homepage and other pages on the WRCjnr site. By clicking this button and entering the correct User ID and password (available on the WRCjnr noticeboard in the clubhouse), you too can become part of Team Spirit, the new member's only section of the WRCjnr site. This page is still in development, so please be patient, but eventually it will play host to a number of new features for you to experiance and enjoy. Already you can download WRCjnr wallpapers, icons and toolbars, with more 'goodies' on the way soon.

As well as containing many new features and pages that you will not have seen before, Team Spirit also incorporates many old favorates, such as; 'Head Coaches Article - The Latest from our Head Coach' and 'Caroline's Question and Answer'.

Team Spirit is our gift to all the Weybridge RC members, so please enjoy it. As with all our new features, we want to know what you think, and because Team Spirit is still in its early stages, there is still time for you to make your mark on it. Click here if you have any ideas or feedback you wish to send us regarding Team Spirit.

Finally, Team Spirit is an area for Weybridge RC members, lets please keep it that way - Keep the User ID and password a secret!

30/7/06 - World Rowing Chamionships: your chance

Finally, the long awaited World Rowing Championships has arrived, and WRCjnr, thanks to Jack Shepherd, have adopted the Ukraine as a nation, which promises to be extremely exciting.

The Championships take place between the days of the 20th and the 27th August 2006, at Dorney Lake. As Weybridge have enrolled in the 'Adopt a Nation' scheme, we receive free tickets to the grandstands on one of the earlier days of the event. We've looked at the potential draw, and have concluded the Monday should be the best day, with the heats of the men's and women's quad events.

For more information you can visit the World Rowing Championship website

If you'd like to sign up for tickets, then either contact the WRCjnr Team, by clickinghere, contact Caroline Turnbull or sign up on the club notice board.

27/7/06 - Rag Regatta - something to be prepared for!

As many of you may be aware, this year, on Sunday 6th August, Weybridge Rowing Club will be hosting the annual 'Rag Regatta'. In case you haven't been to this event before, its a fun filled day, where everyone is welcome, Juniors, Seniors, Vets, Families and Friends, even if they're not members. Whatever rowing standard they may be, they're more than welcome.

Of course, there is some 'mild' competition involved, as always, and this year, almost everything will be water based.

Our Social Secretary, Sheila Owens has informed us of the following events this year:

  • Dongolas - 6 or 8 man punt racing
  • Double Skiff Racing
  • Canoe racing (single)
  • Scratch quads (four random people in every boat race head to head)
  • Team ergo competition
  • Greasy Pole (always good fun)
  • Of course, the traditional 'Gladiator' bouncy castle

There will also be a BBQ (with the new Weybridge Rowing Club BBQ Kit) and most importantly, a bar.

It might be a good idea to bring spare changes of clothes, and swimming costumes, just in case you feel the need to get wet, which we all know is the real aim of the day. Also, if it's a hot day, bring all the usual kit, for example; sun cream, a hat, sunglasses etc.

If you're a WRCjnr parent, whilst you are very welcome to participate, you can also specate, which is equally important. You could bring a picnic rug, or some chairs if you like, just to make your day more comfortable.

So, no matter who you are, what ablilty, even if you haven't rowed before, the whole day is all about having fun! Don't hesitate to bring down family, friends, and anyone who wants to participate or spectate.

The day will begin at 11am on the Sunday, and carry on through the afternoon.

More information will also follow, closer to the date.

Should you have any questions about the day click here to contact our Customer Care Team. Alternatively, with regards to safety in the water, as for the capsize drills earlier in the year, the WRCjnr Safety team have safety analysed the river, and will answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding safety in and out of the water. Justclick here to contact our Safety Team.

25/7/06 - WRCjnr increase pressure as new coach arrives

After gaining a fantastic 6 wins over the past week, the WRCjnr Members were already on a high. It was announced, however, that Weybridge Rowing Club have chosen to invest even more into the ever increasing standard of our Junior Squad. For the past few weeks, WRCjnr members had been in talks with Paul Willcocks, and after signing a contract, we can confirm Paul Willcocks has joined the club with an approximate 2 month contract. 

Paul is a talent that is everything the Junior Squad of Weybridge need, and his new arrival will be greatly welcomed. After finishing an extremely successful year with 4th years at the local Weybridge school, St Georges College, as well as coaching his London Vesta senior members to Henley, we are extremely confident Paul can give us what we need as a squad to prepare us for the winter season, as well as help us strive to our best for the remainder of the summer's regattas.

One of the current WRCjnr coaches, Chris Jones told us, 'After such a brilliant improvement over the past few months for myself and fellow St Georges rowers, having Paul at Weybridge is a true honour, and something all our Juniors will have the opportunity to benefit from.' He also added, 'He [Paul Willcocks] has the skill and ability to improve any athlete of any standard to levels that might not have been thought possible.'

Paul will have his first session at the club on Tuesday 25th July, after which, we hope to see him around up to at least 3 sessions every week.

If you've got any questions about this new signing, or any other questions about the Coaching Team, don't hesitate to contact us, by clicking here.

23/7/06 - WRCjnr's show Burway the Wey to do it

Early Sunday morning and the day after Staines, the WRCjnr's headed towards what they knew to call "the strech of river between them and Staines," this was to be the stage for todays dramatic events.

The J16 double were the first out onto the course along with the J14 quad. Both of them headed fast from the start, steered well round the bend but neither defeated their opposition only coming close in what was described by one as a "neck and neck finish."

Two J16 single scullers represented Weybridge and both with very different results. Tarrant was described as "mildly damp" following hitting a boat round the tough bend whilst trying to slay his opponent. Perdersen also came accross similarly tough opposition and put up a similar performance to progress through the opening rounds only to be beaten in a fine final performance from the sculler.

The J15 boy's had a busy day all round with quads and doubles to be competiting in. The composite quad came against a Marlow "A" crew which a few members had seen somewhere before. They put up a great compeitive performance only to be beaten by just under a length.

The double of Lippold/Jordan made their way through the opening rounds to the final beating some opponents that they had seen off in the past only to meet the infamous Burway in the final. Percival/Fisher also made their way through the opening rounds of their compeition despite a re-start in their first race and the somewhat erratic steering of Burway eventually saw both doubles crash out of the compeition.

The girls had a similar competition in their quads where they were beaten in a second round by some of the highest ranking clubs in the country. Their doubles also proved themselves to be good in the opening rounds but couldn't quite win their closing rounds to clinch another pot.

J14 doubles had a similar story as they came accross what are becoming an infamous TSS crew for them, managing to close gaps but not quite enough to be nose in front at the finish.

Junior doubles and the two singles fought against other junior compeition only to be overcome, just, in an opening round.

Coxhead, showing why he won at Staines, won against a EERC competitor only to meet one of the biggest rowers at the competition. He fought well and put up a good performance but was just pipped to the post.

Another fun and productive day for the junior squad, if you want to see the photos check them out here.

22/7/06 - WRCjnr's leave their mark at Staines

 The Morning kicked off with the "Great Danes" winning a convincing Junior scull opening round. He progressed through to a tough final where he unfortunately lost to a well established sculler in the final. Their re-appearance in junior doubles also had some respectable performances but unforunately could not be the first past the finish.

The J15 Girls doubles, following their opening round, also didn't come away with smiles on their faces as they came across a competitor that they found difficult to beat. They were unfortunately pipped to the post. A similar story in the quad where, following an eventful race which culimated in a tight finish and a loss for the girls.

The boys from the same age catagory also had a mixed bag of fruit entering both doubles and quads. They lost in the quads but the Lippold/Jordan, Walton/Weybridge combo stuck as as the overall winners of J15 doubles. They went home to find something to shine their new silverware.

Matt B's single also followed a similar pattern where narrow losses in both Junior and Novice sculls left him pausing before his chances at Burway.

Coxhead produced yet another fantastic win for the club in J14 sculls where he came through against some tough opposition in a final and comfortably beating them past the post to go home with a request for new shelving towards his Dad as the trophy was described as massive. He unfortunately didn't get to keep his humungous prize but only the biggest cup of the season award from this website.

Another win for today was the J14 double scull where they beat a Staines competitor in the final and are looking forward to re-creating it at Burway. A first win here means it's time for someone to meet the fish.

3 Wins and lots of fun in both the sun and the rain, a method that WRCjnr's love. 

Find the photos over here.

18/7/06 - Our New Boats, What About Names?

As you may already know Weybridge Rowing Club is in the process of aquiring two new doubles for use by the Seniors and of course by the Juniors. If you have any ideas for names you can get involved over at our forum, where we already have a vote running for the most popular so far. Check it out, here. Please remember you have to be a member to vote, so this is you chance to join and get involved in all the great chat going on in theforum.

17/7/06 - Get Ready, It's a Burway/Staines Double

  This event has been and gone, so the draw has been removed, however you can find the results on this website.

15/7/06 - WRC juniors Head for the Hills at Molesey

On a extremely pair of days, Weybridge Rowing Club's Junior Squad put up a great performance to show the local people what to expect from them towards the climax of this season.

Saturday gave a chance for the older members of the Junior squad to show off their skills with Matt B and Alex T fighting their way through several tough early rounds only to be narrowly beaten in the final of their Novice event. The Junior sculls also offered Alex T another chance to show off his speed, but on this occasion he was not quite fast enought to be first past the post. Unfortunately no wins on the Saturday despite some excellent performances all round.

Sunday was a fully junior affair with almost 20 members of the junior squad in high spirits whilst enjoying the record breaking temperatures. The day kicked off early with the J15 girls showing why they have been winning this season, in their doubles. Due to some unfortunate circumstances and a less than lucky draw moreover, they were pipped to the post.

J16 singles was the event for the Tarrant today, but he also following a tough drawing was narrowly beaten over the 500m course. J14 quads had a similar tough drawing against a National Standard MSRA crew and were also beaten in their opening fight but crew members would be back later to continue to fly the WRCjnr flag.

Jack and Jackson put up a respectable fight against a tough tideway team and beat them by several lengths. After just under an hour to recover from the first round the progressed to the second to be challenged by another tideway crew. Again they showed their flair and beat them with a verdict of "easily." They were joined in this round by the other J15 double of Callum and Nick who had a difficult Molesey crew to contend with. Following a tight race and an excellent effort rom both members of the crew they were narrowly beaten fast the finish tower.

A Member of the J14 quad, James, backed up by Max entered into the realms of J13 double racing, also to be narrowly beaten despite fantastic effort that makes WRCjnr members proud. Another double of J16 M's Marc and Matt also suffered a similar fate despite respectable performances from all juniors.

J14 singles were faced with a Fred who fought his way through the opening rounds with significant margins to the final where he stacked the building blocks only to have them knocked down in the final seconds of his racing past the post.

J15 doubles continued with their 3rd race in the three hours in which the J's beat a strong Molesey crew to earn a place in the final. After a tense hours wait the pair gave up every last ounce of energy only to have a tight loss to Burway.

J14 double, formed from earlier quad members, put up a similar performance but suffered from a case of bad luck, getting beaten in their opening round. 

All the doubles made quads to finish off the afternoon with both the J15 girls and boys pairing up with their equvilant doubles to race against some Lea and Molesey opposition, unfotunately getting beaten in our final races of the day.

Everyone put in a stirling effort to make the day a success and despite scratch crews everyone put in great, fighting perfomances and made people turn and watch for Weybridge in the future.

12/7/06 - Molesey Regatta Information

This event has been and gone, so the draw has been removed, however you can find the results on this website.

9/7/06 - WRC juniors make big impression at President's Reception

Today saw the President's Reception take place at Weybridge Rowing club, with many infulencial figures in both WRC and the surrounding community present. Peter Morely (WRC captain) and the Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Elmbridge made appearances as well as the vast majority of the junior squad.

As part of the day, the junior squad performed an 'on-the-water' demonstration of some of the skills they had developed. This presentation included an exhibition involving Charles 'Chuckles' Capel and Olivia Oxton performing various confidence drills in their single sculls and a race between two J14/15 coxless quads. During the demonstration, Clive Capel explained to the large crowd what was happening and how the juniors involved had developed those particular skills.

After the river based demonstration came the 'boats pitch presentation' from theWRCjnr team. The presentation, which was received very well, heads an ongoing plea for more boats for the junior squad. Whilst the guests watched the presentation they had the chance to munch of some of the delicious food that had been excellently prepared by WRC President Derek Holmes' family.

Something else which caused quite a stir throughout the day were the new WRC 125th Anniversary T-Shirts. These had been especially designed by Rock the Boat and are/were available to buy for £12.50.  

As usual, Social Secretary Sheila Owens was on hand to provide sustainance for the junior squad as she put the WRC barbeque set to good (and very delicious) use. As well as thanking Sheila for her part in the day, special thanks go to Clive Capel and James 'Fred' Coxhead who organized the day's programme with military precision, and Diana Llewellyn who compiled crews for the 'on-the-water' presentation. Of course thanks are also due to Derek Holmes and his family for preparing and providing food, and for taking charge of T-Shirt sales.  

Pictures from this event are available from our Photos & Videos page, or by clickinghere.

2/7/06 - Fancy a dip?

Yesterday saw the annual WRC capsize drill day, this year with the addition of the new WRC barbeque set. The day was a success all round, with the vast majority of the junior squad learning how to capsize the boat safetly and get back in the boat, and not a single sausage was burnt by master chef Jon Beagley!

A crowd of people gathered on the landing stage as Charles 'Chuckles' Capel demonstrated how the capsize drill should be done as he turtled the boat, turned it back over and got back in perfectly.

One by one, the junior squad became increasingly wet as they all completed the capsize drill with flying - if slightly damp - colours. Of course, the capsize drill was not the only water based activity to be done! Many of the juniors were drawn into a game of 'Training Boat Pirates' whilst the adults cringed on the bank, thinking of all the muddy washing that would come as a result of their children's fun.

After everyone was suitably drenched, we had the culinary delights of Jon Beagley's barbequing to look forward to. The success of the barbeque was a stark constrast to the success of the England football team a couple of hours later, and for that our resident master chef should be thanked. Other thanks go to Clive Capel and Salv Amico who helped make the day as safe and enjoyable as possible as they offered verbal help to those trying to clamber back into the boat.

Can we also remind all juniors to bring a spare change of clothes, even if it isnt a capsize day, because if you fall in.... you will get wet!

Photos of this event are available by clicking here.

29/6/06 - WRCjnr capsize tests starts fresh month

This Saturday (1st July) will host the annual WRCjnr capsize drill, along with a BBQ afterwards, for families too. Weybridge Rowing Club has purchased a brand new barbeque, and this event is set to kick off a big summer of fun for all WRCjnr members. Along with the BBQ (set to finish at around 4) there will be capsize drills, similar to the tests you may have taken at Cranmore pool. However, these tests, due to the fantastic weather, will take place in the river! Even if you have taken a test before, it's always great fun to have another go, in more of a realistic situation.

For any members who may have questions with safely concerning swimming in the River Thames, they can contact our WRCjnr Safety Team, who have risk-assessed the river, and can answer any questions you wish.

The event will start at approx. 11:30, however those who would normally row on a Saturday should keep with their normal training schedule.

27/6/06 - The 9th July - date for your diary

 On the 9th July, the Weybridge Rowing Club President cordially invites you to a day of rowing, fundraising and food at the club in order to raise money for the junior squads' new boats.

The day will feature a BBQ as well as the launch of the new coaching vessel and the 125th Anniversary clothing range. The design is shown here (click to englarge the image), click here to register an interest in ordering one.

The day should be fun and and will also feature the fundraising presentation from three members of the J15 squad, as well as racing organised by the Juniors. All juniors are expected to attend, and they can bring friends and family down too. Sheila Owens will be cooking on the new WRC BBQ, so come on down and enjoy her culinary delights!

26/6/06 - Pre-Henley Ball fun for WRC

Last Saturday saw the annual Pre-Henley Ball take place at Weybridge Rowing Club. It was a date that had been in the diary's of many a club member (and friends of the club) for a long time; and as the number of people started to grow on 'the island', it was evident that the night was going to be a hit.

The evening, which required attendees to wear 'Henley dress', featured a live jazz band who provided the perfect background music on a perfect summer's day, whilst DJ flexta got everyone up on the dancefloor and grooving like there was no tomorrow.

As usual the WRCjnr raffle ticket team (a crack team of expert salesmen) were up and about selling tickets off to punters, bribing them with the table of wonderful prizes which were donated by companies nationwide. Other juniors found themselves posted at the entrance, offering the guests complimentory 'Bucks Fizz' or 'Coke' (Diet and Full-fat naturally). Matt and Alex Tarrant did a tremendous job of manning the forever busy bar area (looking at nobody in particular, Jon!).

As the light faded, the PHB lights were switched on, and the night became almost magical as the numbers didn't decrease, even when the clocks chimed 12. The air was filled with a constant buzz of chatter and excitement as members and friends swapped stories and enganged in lighthearted chat.

The fireworks display, courtesy of Paul, invited the attention of even the surrounding residents of the river and added an almost celebratory feel to the start of the Henley Royal Regatta week.

It was evident that all who attended enjoyed themselves, as most did not leave until the unsightly early hours of Sunday morning; training was going to be somewhat sleepy the next day!

Special mentions go to Sheila Owens who - as social secretary - once again exceeded all expectations in organising a truely wonderful night, Theresa Capel who trawled Weybridge highstreet with Sheila for raffle prizes, and all those juniors and other members of the club who helped set up marquees. Of course, John and Caroline Turnbull deserve a round of applause for their large part in organising the event and delicious catering. Also thank you to the much loved DJ flexta who provided us with almost 2 hours of dancing classics such as 'Dancing Queen' and 'YMCA', and Salv Amico who drew the raffle tickets. 

Find the photos of the event here.

14/6/06 - Egham cancelled due to "early" draw

It might not make much sense, and the WRCjnr secretarial team were baffled to find that the draw for Egham Regatta (on the 25th June) actully took place on Sunday 11th June, when Weybridge were at Bedford Star. This therefore means that no entries were entered on time for Egham, and therefore Weybridge Rowing Club Juniors will not be attending the Regatta.
If you've got any more questions - don't hesitate to e-mail our team, by clicking here.

11/6/06 - WRC armada decends on Bedford Star Regatta

Due to technical issues this report is currently not avaliable. For information you can contact our team by clicking here, or view the Results page, by clicking here.

8/6/06 - Bedford Star Regatta Information

This event has been and gone, so the draw has been removed, however you can find the results on this website.

7/6/06 - Loads of new features to help you - on the wey!

There's some great news. The WRCjnr site is improving, always, and at the moment, as you read this article, the WRCjnr team are working on some new truly brilliant features that include, to name but a few, a downloads section, and an exclusive member's login section containing heaps of exciting stuff - for members only.

However, our Customer Relations Team would like to ask for your co-operation and patience during the upgrading of the site, however we hope that it shouldn't affect you as the majority of the Technical Team's work is in the background at present.

You can expect these new features by (at the latest) the 1st of July.
If you'd like any more information on this, our team would love to help you. Just clickhere.

4/5/06 - Walton, Weybridge and that Ladies Regatta

Saturday saw the return of our home regatta after being apley renamed, Walton and Weybridge Regatta. This meant that it was time for the Weybridge parents to get their hands dirty and help with the regatta. All day they managed the scrumptious food tent, preventing any athletes going hungry all day. A Well done to all those who helped, not only with catering, but with all the other jobs that the regatta demanded. 

Once everything was primed and ready, the morning started with some of the older Juniors in a Novice 4+, managing to beat Walton RC A in their first round, and Guildford RC in the second. However in the final they were beaten by a tough Surrey University opposition crew despite a fantastic row.

The J14 Double encountered the big yellow Hampton crew in their first round and unfortunately were narrowly pipped to the finishing post.

Later that morning that double paired up with another two Weybridge juniors to form a J14 quad, which was drawn against a "massive" Molesey crew as one of them put it. Unfortunately despite a good start and a respectable performance they didn't manage to be first past the line.

The other half of the quad raced in their J13 double, and were drawn against some Staines rowers. After putting up a good duel they were also beaten past the post.

The infamous double of Kirsten and Diana made a good outing, winning the opening rounds of WJ15 2x, but lost in a close held match against a stronger opposition.

In similar style James 'Fred' Coxhead, also managed to get through the opening rounds of his J14 1x only to lose to a "giant" Bewl Bridge opposition.

Sunday brought the Weybrige Ladies Regatta and the J15 girls of Weybridge Rowing Club made it 4 wins in 4 races after overcoming some tough opposition. The crew of Julia Lowes, Diana Llewellyn, Emma Disher, Kirsten Owens, and coxwain Tom Capel, beat Weybridge Ladies RC in the first round by 2/3 of a length. In the semis they faced Ardingly RC, but beat them easily. The final was a much closer affair. The crew faced Sir William Perkins, who had beaten Maidenhead in the semi-finals. However, the WRC girls (and cox) out powered their competitors to claim a close victory, despite some dangerous and erratic steering from William Perkins.

The double of Julia Lowes and Emma Disher also managed a dramatic win in the final.

Unfortunate times however for Emma Whittingham and Callum Russell, who managed to get beaten by a tough Walton double in their mixed novice race. 

Photos of these events and others are available on our Photos and Videos page.

To view the results from these events and others click here. 

30/5/06 - New addition to Events page

There has been a new addition to our already very informative Events page. From now on, you can download the latest Weybridge Rowing Club racing timetable direct from this site. The racing timetable includes: race numbers, crew numbers, racing crews, heat and final times, and boat allocations. The timetable, courtesy of Clive Capel, is just another step to make WRCjnr one of the most informative, up-to-date and useful club sites around.

The timetable will be updated almost as soon as a regatta or head race draw is made public, and will enable parents, juniors and coaches to gauge timings of races, gaps inbetween races etc.

If you have any queries about the new racing timetable, or wish to add, change or correct anything on it, please click here to send a message to our team. To access the latest edition of the racing timetable, please click here to be redirected to our Events page.

Pre-Henley Ball Reminder

Just a reminder (the first of many) that the Pre-Henley Ball is fast approaching. The annual ball will be staged at Weybridge Rowing Club (and the surrounding land) on the 24th June. If you havn't already got an invitation then please speak to Sheila Owens, or download one by clicking here. Friends and family are more than welome, and entrance and raffle money raised will be going towards new lightweight boats for the junior squad. Also, if you can offer any help in setting up the marquees, with food, or with lighting (to name just a few jobs), then contact us by clicking here.

Heavy rainfall leads to strong weir

Over the past week we've had a large amount of rain, and coupled with the drought order being enforced across East Surrey yesterday, the Thames water level is the highest it's been for a while.

Due to this, and the closure of the Shepperton 'B' weir, the volume of water falling through the 'A' weir has increased by quite an alarming rate. This means that all crews must take extra precautions whilst crossing the weir, because of the strong currents. This won't stop any WRCjnr from rowing though, however it does mean safety precautions need to be enforced at a high level, to ensure we maintain the safe environment we all enjoy training in.

29/5/06 - Walton and Weybridge Regatta Information

This event has been and gone, so the draw has been removed, however you can find the results by clicking here. 

29/5/06 - Weybridge Ladies Regatta Information

This event has been and gone, so the draw has been removed, however you can find the results on this website.

23/5/06 - WRCjnr website hits over 1000 visitors

After launching on the 28th of April, 2006, the WRCjnr website has now reached it's 1000th visitor, and counting. With no technical problems, and always containing the latest up-to-date news, it's a service we hope to continue. We'd like to also thank all those who have helped us launch this website, as well as helping us to keep it updated. Long may it continue!

22/5/06 - Stakeboating maestros head for Dorney

We have recieved news that the WRC duo of Jackson Lippold and Jack Percival have been called up to be Junior Officials at this summer's World Championships at Dorney Lake. After a rigoroous selection process they were chosen out of almost a hundred people to join the exclusive team of Junior Officials at this years World Cup.

 They will be joining a team of almost 1000 volunteers at the event and will be in a great position at the start to let the Great Britain boats go for gold medals.

They are said to be thrilled at the prospect of being part of such an important and prestigious competition, and are thoroughly looking forward to it.

We wish them good luck in advance; and who knows, maybe they'll actually be rowing in future World Championships?   

The Juniors are reminded that we have chosen Ukraine for the Rowing World Cup as our chosen country. Tickets can be obtained on the official website or by talking to Caroline. 

16/5/06 - WRC representatives at National Schools Regatta

From the 26th to the 28th May, the National Schools Regatta will run at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham. Although Weybridge Rowing Club aren't racing, they will be well represented as 9 WRC members will be racing in the colours of St. Georges College Boat Club.

On Saturday 27th May, Tom Capel, Jackson Lippold, Chris Jones, Tom Oxton (back from injury - see 18/4/06), and Tristan Davies (all WRC & St. Georges College Boat Club), will be racing in the MJ15 8o event, along with Andrew Wells, Michael Thomas and George Flowerday (all St. Georges College Boat Club). The boat will be coxed by Nick Mundy (WRC & St. Georges College Boat Club).

Also on the Saturday; Emma Disher, Julia Lowes and Lizzy Adlington (all WRC & St. Georges College Boat Club) will be racing in the WJ16 8o event along with: Sophie Hackett, Lizzy Bailey, Sarah Callow-Smith, Jenny Lewis, Pippa Maloney and cox. Emma Graham (all St. Georges College Boat Club).

On the 28th, Tom Capel, Jackson Lippold, Chris Jones and George Flowerday  will be racing in the highly competetive MJ15 4x+ event, coxed by Toby Scregg (St. Georges College Boat Club).

On behalf of Weybridge Rowing Club we'd like to wish all those participating the best of luck!

For more information on the National Schools Regatta, click here to be redirected to the official site.

15/5/06 - Capsize test goes well for WRCjnr members

On Sunday some new, and less experienced WRCjnr members took the ARA recommended Capsize Drill. 

We had 25 members taking part overall, and all of them passed with flying colours, and most of them managing to get back into the boat without being helped!

We're hoping this has given some of the news members some confidence in a single, especially the first-timers. All the certificates will be presented by Clive on his return from Hong Kong in a few weeks time. 

14/5/06 - WRCjnr future plans announced in letter

In a letter to all members of the club this week Jon Beagley, the WRCjnr Head Coach has announced that because of the large number of Juniors, training times will be changing. 

From June 2006, the new times will be in effect. This means the less experienced rowers, and beginners (C + B groups) will be requested to train on a Saturday from 10am-12pm, and the older, more experienced (A + B groups) on a Sunday from 9am-12pm. The idea of this is to allow each athlete maximum training time, and making sure they get the most out of their rowing at WRC.

The new A-B-C rule has also been introduced (Attendance -Behaviour - Commitment) meaning that all our athletes who can't attend regularly, don't behave well on and off the water, and show a lack of commitment will be a lower priority, and will get a decreased amount of professional coaching. This enables our more willing and committed members to achieve their full potential, without distraction.

The 'A' group juniors will also be allocated Tuesday and Thursday night slots.

On behalf of the entire WRCjnr coaching time, we'd like to wish you the best, and if you've got any comments or questions then feel free to ask a member of our team by clicking here.

Jon would also like to remind all Juniors to hand in their questionnaire forms. 

13/5/05 - Thames Ditton Regatta Report

Thames Ditton regatta gave the chance for the Weybridge Rowing Club Juniors to show off what they had learnt in the second race of the season and on their local waters. 

It was a day for the singles as James Coxhead managed to breeze through his opening rounds to convincingly take his third single win and secure another single success for the Junior Squad. He was joined by James Whittingham who left all his competitors stranded in his wake to claim his Thames Ditton pot.

The J14 quad of what was supposed to be a J13 and J14 double proceeded well, and after losing their first race, a re-think of their start courtesy of Chris and Jack led them to victory in the plate competition. Jack Shepard, James Amico, James Piercy and James Capel, coxed by Tom Whittingham, collected their prizes to a round of applause from the travelling Weybridge members.

Double trouble for Kirsten and Diana. After reaching the final of their WJ15 competition, they clashed blades with a strong opposition in the closing minutes of the race. Following a tough umpire's decision no-one was blamed and Weybridge were unfortunately knocked out of the competition.

Matt Tarrant was unfortunately unable to compete in his MJ16 1x because technical problems with his boat delayed his arrival on the start. The starting marshals deemed that his delay was long enough to hand his Shiplake competitor the win. This was a big blow, especially as Matt is considered one of WRC's most promising and improving juniors. However you can be sure that Matt will bounce back from this and his name will be appearing on our results page in the near future.  

This event gave good practice and a first few wins to many of the Juniors, we hope to be seeing them taking a swimming lesson soon!

To view the results from this event and others click here, and for pictures from this event click here.

9/5/06 - Thames Ditton Regatta Information

This event has been and gone, so the draw has been removed, however you can find the results by clicking here.

4/5/06 - WRCjnr's Adopt Ukraine for WRC

It's been announced over the past 24 hours that Weybridge Rowing Club are to adopt Ukraine as a Nation for the upcoming World Rowing Championships later this year. Many of our Juniors entered a exiting competition to come up with the most imaginative reason why we should adopt a Nation and the squad came together and chose the Ukraine as "Much like their own crew sculling." The team are now encouraging the Juniors to learn a few words and go and support their nation later in the year, ask one of our coaches for details of the free tickets available for the 21st, 22nd and the 23rd of August.



Laskavo prosimo!

Rada z vami poznaiomitisia.
Pleased to meet you.

Doprii den'.

Do pobacheniia. Goodbye.

Thank you.

Mene zvati ...
My name is ...

Meni potribna dopomoga.
I need help.

Proshu skazati, de tut tualet?
Where is the toilet, please?

1/5/06 - Evesham Regatta Report

Last weekend (29th - 30th April) WRCjnr Squad members began their regatta season with some eventful racing at Evesham's very popular regatta. The longer, Saturday event brought no joy, although James Coxhead did reach the final of the single scull. Many of the squad chose to camp out overnight, so had the joys of tent erection to contemplate, as well as a night away from modern luxuries.

After an early start (thanks to the porta-loo cleaners for starting the cleaning process at 6am!) the junior squad members headed up to the clubhouse, where hot breakfasts awaited them. We had 13 junior entries in for the Sunday event, many of which needed 1 of 2 doubles, so many thanks to Jon and Clive for organizing the logistics of the day.

The MJ14 4x+ of James Coxhead, James Capel, James Piercy and Jack Shepard, coxed by Georgina Grant were beaten in the semi-finals by a well drilled Evesham crew, whilst the MJ14 2x of Jack and James Coxhead were beaten in the final of their event.

Georgina Grant and Emma Disher were beaten in the first round of the WJ15 2x, while their colleagues, Kirsten Owens and Diana Llewellyn progressed all the way to the final of the same event, where they were inches away from beating a Stourport crew. Those two girls doubles combined in their quad where they, coxed by Julia Lowes, won the event after beating Llandaff and Stourport.

Charlie Capel was unfortunatley beaten in his MJ11 single scull by a Staines competitor. He then paired up with Tom Whittingham, but they were unable to beat an Evesham crew in the MJ12 double scull event.

Tom Capel and Chris Jones went all the way in their MJ15 2x, beating Stourport in the final after overcoming Evesham and Llandaff.

Alex and Matt Tarrant were both unfortunatley beaten in their single sculls, but not without showing huge potential. Alex then teamed up with James Whittingham, but they were overcome by Hereford Cathedral School.  

Overall the junior squad showed great potential against some very tough opposition, which pleased all the coaching staff and parents present. Many thanks to Tim Owens and Ian Tarrant for towing the trailer, Jon and Clive for organizing everything and getting everyone boated, and to Nick Coxhead, Sheila Owens, Matt Piercy and Jax for their help throughout the day.

To view the results from this event and others click here, and for pictures from this event click here.

30/4/06 - Jackson and Jack Hit the Wallingford Start

Whilst many of the Juniors were down at Evesham this weekend Jackson and Jack decided to participate in the Junior Officials Training program run by a fellow Weybridge Rowing Club Member, Judith Packer. The program aims to get young people involved in umpiring and is currently in its second year. The two said "Yeh we had a great time and its fantastic to be in a position that you are not normally in." Today they were practicing at Wallingford Regatta on Dorney Lake with the possibility of helping on the start of the World Rowing Championships later this year. 

29/4/06 - Walton Bridge Ready for Transformation?

Could this be the new look of Walton Bridge? Surrey County Council say yes this week as the public results come in for the new bridge design. 

A Council representative said, "The People have had their say now, it is time that we can finalise the design and then go ahead with the building of the new bridge." The new bridge, which was one of many options hopes to begin construction next March replacing the two temporary bridges currently there. It should not affect rowing a large amount apart from during the final stages of construction.

Click here to see what the council say about the bridge.

26/4/06 - Evesham Regatta Information

This event has been and gone, so the draw has been removed, however you can find the results by clicking here.

23/4/06 - WRCjnr Party goes down a storm

Last night the Weybridge Rowing Club clubhouse was the stage for the WRCjnr party. The evening consisted of team games (aimed at further integrating the squad), a disco (hosted by DJ flexta) and party food. Games such as 'beat the intro' and 'scavenger hunt' whet the appetite for a disco which kept everyone up and moving, and on their toes, even Jon and Clive!

On behalf of all the WRCjnr squad, we'd like to thank everyone who helped make this party happen, including; Sheila Owens, Theresa Capel, Caroline Turnbull and Nick Mundy (DJ flexta).

To view the photos taken at this event, please click here.

20/4/06 - Rock the boat? Plans announced as 'B' weir is diverted to create rough 'A' weir waters

It has been discovered by our equipment and facilities manager, Tim Owens, that the secondary 'B' weir is being closed for maintenance over the next few weeks, for up to a year, meaning that the entire flow of the Thames will be diverted to the 'A' weir, opposite Weybridge Ladies RC, meaning that all rowers and scullers from Weybridge will be crossing a fast-flowing and at high water level, potentially dangerous weir.

19/4/06 - WRCjnr Party heats up as DJ is confirmed

On Saturday 22nd April, WRCjnr squad are all invited to a squad party, organised by our Social Secretary, Sheila Owens. It promises to be a great evening, with games (team on team), and now it's been confirmed that Nick Mundy (better known in the DJing underworld as DJ flexta) will be available to DJ in the last few hours of the party, adding some extra spice, and improving the atmosphere, and possibly, encouraging some 'squad bonding' - you never know.

If you'd like to request songs in advance (no more than 5 please), then click here.

April Newsletter


Although you may have heard snippets of information about what the Junior section of the Club does during the summer, we thought it might be helpful to write down what happens so you know what to expect.

During the summer months - starting in late April and going through to late September, the Club participates in about a dozen Regattas around the southern part of the Country.  Regattas are where crews race each other, rather than Heads, where crews race against the clock.  Heads are a winter sport because there is a lot of hanging around at Regattas which is nice on a warm summer’s day, but not so pleasant in the cold winter!

The places we visit range from those in the local area such as Egham and Staines, to further away like Evesham (much recommended), Gloucester/Ross-on-Wye, Cambridge and Bedford.

We would like to suggest that all Juniors attend a couple of Regattas, whether or not you are racing.  Apart from the great atmosphere and supporting fellow members (not all of whom are necessarily Juniors) you will really start to understand what all the training is about.  There is no charge to attend (although you usually get ‘stung’ to buy a programme).  If you are racing there is an entry fee (normally £7 - 10) per race plus a small charge levied by the Club for transporting the boats (known as trailerage).   Most regattas last one day; a few last over two days or a bank holiday weekend and we often camp out under canvas.  We have a number of very promising Juniors in the pipeline, and expect a good showing in summer 2006.

Everyone attending is expected to help de-rig, load and unload the boats, re-rig on site etc, and generally take part.  Some regattas are very busy, others less so.  It rather depends upon the number of entrants we field.

All racing crews are requested to wear Weybridge rowing All-in-Ones.  It makes a big difference to the look, feel and professionalism of the crew.  Clive Capel is willing to arrange a bulk order of WRC ‘All-in-Ones’ (about £40) and ‘Splash tops’ (about £60) with the Club’s supplier, Powerhouse Ltd.

During the summer there are Club sessions every day except Friday.  Thursday is Club night.  The Juniors (and parents) take turns at cooking a meal, for which the grand sum of about £3.00 is collected from each person.  (Actually Club night occurs almost every night during the year, but the school holidays see this very well attended).  It’s good to come down to the club in the light summer evenings, and get in some extra time on the river, or just help out as necessary.

Also during the summer (normally early August) we have a ‘fun day’ where sensible rowing is suspended and silly things happen like racing a boat backwards, walking along a slippery pole and generally getting wet.

Caroline is running her very popular ‘learn to row’ course in mid summer so if your parents fancy ‘having a go’, keep an eye on the Club’s website (

Help wanted!

Sheila Owens, our Social Secretary, has asked issued a plea for help ahead of a busy (and social) summer. The pre-Henley Ball (PHB) and Walton and Weybridge Regatta have been targeted as needing more volunteers. Sheila has informed us that help with organising or catering will be thoroughly appreciated.

If you're interested in volunteering your services to Sheila for any of the Summer's events, then please contact the WRCjnr team by clicking here.

18/4/06 - Skiing accident leaves Tom O out for 6 weeks

Whilst away skiing in Tignes (France) with the school last week, one of our A boat rowers and experienced coaches Tom Oxton fractured his wrist in a skiing accident. It was not until Tom returned home that he realised the wrist was infact fractured. After having his injury analysed, it is now predicted Tom will be out of rowing action for up to 6 weeks. The whole of the Junior squad wish Tom well on his road to recovery.

New Junior Website Goes Live

 The New Junior Squad Website launched today in a flurry of excitement and activity as the Junior Squad put the finishing touches to the website minutes before launch. Celebration was the order of the day as the new site went live, bringing news to everyone all around the world. The team say keep coming back for more information and features planned coming soon.