Code of conduct and other information

Here is information about the conduct for members of the Weybridge RC junior squad.  This information is provided in the email I send to all those who complete a Weybridge RC learn-to-row course, but not everyone comes through that route, and it's important that this is accessible to all members at whatever stage of their journey with us.

Please understand that most of the Coaches are unpaid volunteers who give up their time to help members attain their goals.  

Membership is subject to our 'A', 'B', 'C' criteria:

  • Attendance - must be regular.  Coming every so often when you have nothing better to do, or when you can get a lift, is no good as you will fall behind in training, and hold the rest of the group back. We define regular as attending at least three weekends of four; similarly Thursday evenings.  We have a recreational category for those J16+ who enjoy their rowing but don't want to compete or who don't take training seriously.
  • Behaviour - we don't tolerate bad language, bullying, insolence, mucking about etc.  Any of that and you're out.  Simples.
  • Commitment - you (and parents) must really want to become involved and try really hard to train to the very best of your ability.

Group training times are notified separately and will take place on Tuesday evenings when we run circuits, Thursday evenings, Saturday and Sundays.  Individuals are allocated to specific sessions so that we can tailor our training to those of similar ages and abilities, and to balance numbers.

Generally Thursdays will be indoors as this is where we focus on building strength, stamina and technique - it's not a quick process so patience is needed.  Additionally we run circuits at Heathside School Gym on Tuesdays at 7pm during the winter term.  Weekends are generally (risk assessment permitting) on the water and this is where we work on balance, timing and in-boat technique.  Attendance is vital.

It is important that Parents and Juniors know that the main way we communicate training information, changes to times etc is via the website  You need to check this frequently and in particular on Friday, just in case anything has changed during the week.

Parents play an active part in the Junior section.  With a potentially large group of very young people the coaches will need parents to provide bankside safety support.  

When it comes to regattas and events, parents are expected to turn up to encourage the crews (not just their own children) and to help, if necessary, with setting up gazebos, loading and unloading boats etc.  When we go to events such as the National Schools Regatta we have a comprehensive infrastructure set up to enable us to provide sustenance, hot drinks etc.  This needs parental support. 

More locally our winter breakfast club is a popular and financially important winter operation which generates much needed funds for the Club.  Active parental involvement is required to make this happen.  And it's good fun too.

Please note:

  • Club membership runs from 1st October to 30 September and anyone joining part-way through the year pays only for full months (including the month in which they join).  As you move from 'beginner' to 'intermediate' ('intermediate' is deemed to be the 'standard' membership) the membership increases from the concessionary beginner rate to the standard rate.  As an example, if you were to join in September you would pay 1/12 of the full year beginner fee + one-off joining fee.
  • We do not offer 'pay per row' or monthly rowing options.  When you join the Club you commit to join for the club's year (to 30th September): the monthly payment option is a concession to enable people to spread payments over the course of a year.
  • You must be a paid-up member to use the Club's facilities. 

In terms of other costs involved: this is relatively small.

  • We require that all the junior have, and wear, a Weybridge high visibility Tee-shirt for on-water use.  These are available from Hugga - We also have some at the Club (£11)
  • We also have a blue Weybridge Tee-shirt for off-water use; also £11 which we try to keep in stock at the club.
  • If you get to participate in a race there is a fee for doing so, levied by the event organisers.  This is normally of the order of £12.  Rarely is it as high as £20; mainly for 'big' events.  Additionally there is a charge for 'trailerage' levied per 'seat' by the club to get the boats to the event split equally between the 'seats'.
  • The race fee is paid as a disbursement on your behalf by the Club and that, and trailerage, is reclaimed from you by means of a race fees account which we hold at the Club.
  • Once you participate in more events, or at bigger events you will need a Weybridge Rowing Club all-in-one (lycra suit).  These are also available from Hugga.
  • We also have hoodies which are popular items for the junior squad; these are normally in stock at the club.