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2012 News

1st October - Chris Jones
Just a note to those who might be interested, Chris Jones, after whom the coaching launch 'Chris' is named, starts his flying career with Flybe at Exeter on Wednesday 3rd October.  He will be First Officer on a Dash 8 turboprop. See

29th September 2012 - Wallingford LDS
A fabulous outing for Weybridge with four wins (WMas for Liz and Rachel, J18.2x for Josh and George, J16.4x- for Ben, Luke, Pope and Maund and WJ16.4x- for Emelia, Elena, Beth and Megan).  Ben and Luke also achieved 2/26 in J16.2x and our other entries all made their mark, too.  Apparently apart from Wallingford RC, we and London RC had the highest number of wins, and when reduced to Juniors -- it was Weybridge!  We are definately hard on the heels of St. Georges College and beating them in some instances.  Great stuff.   CC

16th September 2012 - The Boston Marathon
A good day for Weybridge (but not a good start for Either Wey) at the Marathon today.  Three new course records (Vet men, J16.2x - Ben and Luke in 3:55 - and our stormin' WJ16.4x- racing at IM3 in 4:00:23).  Well done to all who took part; it was a fun event for all sections of the club with representation from Juniors and Seniors.  Either Wey was chucked over  a fence into the canal sometime during the night but retrieved thanks to Tom who stripped down to the bare essentials and waded into freezing water.  He and Carl raced and completed the course as novices, suffering bad blisters and did all the competitors.  CC

23rd July - D16 rowing course
Another well supported junior beginner course during this week.  All went off well with great support from the Juniors and coaches.  Many thanks.  Pictures at CC

22nd July - Burway Regatta
6 wins at Burway regatta:
Jayne Russell and Anne Morris WMas Nov 2x
Emelia Cole WJ15 1x
Ben Brisco J15 1x with some brave steering
Luke Gowland Ben Brisco Alex Pope Alex Maund J15 4x+ (against Walton :-)
Andrew Steel J17 1x
George Stewart J18 1x
Sadly only Emelia and Ben won pots having raced several rounds, the others were straight finals.
Many others won a few rounds or were the second best crew, some completed their first races well having learnt to row at Easter. KK

21st July - Staines Regatta
Such a lot of work went into this regatta and we ended up with gaining places in 11 finals, but didn't win any pots.  Some excellent rowing by all; particularly pleasing to see some of the newer members of the club 'out there' and chasing opposition who had been rowing longer than them.  In J15 2x Bens seat came off about 1/3 into the race against the eventual winners, he slid up and down on the runners and they still only lost by half a length! The WJ15 girls double got a swan wrapped around their blades/rigger in the final. Oh the joys of local races! Well done to all.  CC/KK

British Rowing Championships 13/14 July

Well done to the WJ15.4x+ crew of Emelia, Megan, Beth, Elena (c) Joe who bought home a bronze medal in their event.  The WJ14.4x+ crew of Phoebe, Jessica, Layla and Rebecca (c) Rosie, and J15.2x of Ben and Luke both won their 'C' finals.  The double apparently narrowly missed the cut in the time trial, not helped by having capsized on their way up and having water sloshing around in the boat!  We all thought they rowed really strongly but it was not to be.  Many thanks to Clare and Sharon who masterminded the catering operation and to all the supporters who enabled the coaches to do what they needed to do. CC

Henley Women's Regatta - 16th June
In windy and strong stream conditions our WJ15 girls had their first go at this prestigious event, coming 5th (we always seem to come fifth!) in a hastily arranged time trial in which 4 went through to semi finals.  The girls did very well, particularly since they were racing not only some very stiff opposition, but also up a year at WJ16.  Well done girls.  CC

National Schools Regatta
A busy weekend at National Schools in which we performed well enough to get through all but one of the processionals into semi finals, and through into two (or was it three) finals, finishing fifth in all.  Lots of experience gained which we hope will be of use when we return to sunny Nottingham for the British Rowing Championships.  Well done to all parents, too, for the excellent camping and feeding arrangements.  Special thanks to Katy for masterminding the technical aspects of the rowing!  CC

27th May 2012 - Weybridge Ladies Regatta

Following hard on the heels of the Walton and Weybridge Regatta, the club were in action again on Sunday at the Weybridge Ladies Club regatta in the Desborough Cut.  For many of our newer rowers, this was their first experience of racing and showed the difference between training in the Cut, and competing in the same stretch of water.  

We had wins as follows: J15 1x Ben Brisco, WJ14 4x+ Layla Wheeldon, Phoebe Truett, Jessica Fraser, Rebecca Gaylard, cox Rosie Ollis, Mxd D 2x Cath and George, J15 2x Filippo Carrozzo, Tom Birch.  Well done to you all, and thanks to those who helped.  CC

26th May 2012 - Walton and Weybridge Regatta

A day bathed in sunlight saw medals for several Weybridge crews, and near success for others.  Commemorative Medals went to Gareth and Clive - novice pot in the Mas N 2x, WJ154x+ Emilia Cole, Elena Foulkes, Beth Jenkins and Megan Pickering with Flo coxing, J154x+ Ben Brisco, Filippo Carrozzo, Tom Birch and Alex Pope cox Emily Skinner, J4x Zac Cole, George Stewart, Andrew Steel and Josh Foulkes and MasG 4x Mike C, Mike K, Dave H and Eric.  Ben and Alex were beaten in the final of J15 2x by a Bewl Bridge National Champion sculler. 

In the invitation eights, our Weybridge crew were magnificent, losing to Walton by such a slim margin it had to be 'called' by the judges.  Walton's excuse for losing to St. Georges in the final was that Weybridge had pushed them so hard in the heat that they had nothing to give!  So well done all of you, and thank you for helping to make the regatta such a success.  CC

28th April 2012 - Junior Inter-Regional Regatta - GOLD

Our WJ15 coxed quad of Emelia, Beth, Megan and Elena with Flo coxing have won the Junior Inter-Regionals at the National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham.  They won their first heat easily with the fastest time overall.  The Final was cancelled (presumably the usual Nottingham problem) so our crew was declared the WINNER based on their time in the first heat.  A nice and well deserved bit of silver for the Club.  Congratulations to the girls and Coach Katy Knowles.  CC

22nd April 2012 - Lea Regatta

Well done to all who attended Lea Regatta.  8 wins for the Club.  Cath and George, Ben, Ben and Alex P, Rachel and Izzy A, Rebecca, Layla and Phoebe, J15 quad (Maund, Stewart, Steel, Salloway (c) Andrews), George.  Some absolutely cracking races with great compliments from coaches from competitors. Great support from all as usual. CC

9th - 13th April 2012
The junior section has run another sucessful Learn To Row junior rowing course over the week, introducing 16 new juniors to the sport.  With the group trying sculling in boats from quads to singles.  The week ended with the traditional 'mini regatta' between the four teams and a specially selected crew from the current junior membership.   Thank you to everyone one who helped out during the week, who without these able helpers the course would not have been the sucess it was.

D15 April 2012

20th March 2012 - Schools Head of the River Race
In great conditions not seen for some years Weybridge RC fielded it's first ever J15 8+.  Allocated to the 'Championship Eight' category (despite being entered for first Eight) they ran against such notable schools as Eton, Shrewsbury, Abingdon and Radley (beating Radley!) coming 9/11.  Against the first Eights they would have been 27/51 so no slouches!  And that after losing an important member of the crew at 08:30 resulting in Katy (trying to look 16 again and, umm, providing a weight challenge compared to the originally planned cox!) coxing the boat.  For a first attempt, against strong private school opposition, this is very encouraging, so very well done.  And it's also worth noting their enthusiasm and dedication to the event.  So what can you do next year, lads?  CC

19th March 2012 - National Junior Sculling Head

Weybridge attacked the National Sculling Head with gusto, earning a bronze medal in the J18 4x, coming 7/39 in WJ15 4x+ (despite Emelia having tonsilitis) and WJ14 4x+ 17/42 (despite their rudder falling off just as they started their first run).  Well done to all. CC

18th / 19th February

This weekend Josh and Zac will be attending the GB trials up in Boston - Lincolnshire together with Head Coach Katy.  - We wish them luck.

4th February 2012 - Hampton Winter Head
After having to abandon the idea of rowing downstream to participate in the Hampton Head Race, due to the Thames being solid with ice just above Sunbury Lock, a quick session of derigging, trailer loading and a rush down to Hampton followed.  Luckily we only had boats entered in the 2:00pm division.

This was the first time in many years that Weybridge has managed to enter a J15 eight into a head or regatta.  
Against a large and mainly school based entry, the WRCjnr squad certainly produced some promising results.
The WJ15 4x+  5th place being just 13 seconds behind the winners.  Thanks to Layla for stepping in at the last moment to help make this happen. The  J18 4- comprising of Josh, Zac, George and James produced a solid 6th place, and the J15 8+ 10th out 17 boats against some impressive competition.  Well done all.

Hampton Head Feb 2012

21st January 2012 - Weybridge Winter Head
Well done to everyone in this year's winter head.  Some very promising results and a good start to the new year.
Junior Wins included
- J18 2x Josh & Zac - fastest double
- J15 2x Alex & Ben
- WJ15 4x+ (Megan's crew)
Together with five other wins from other members of the club.

Weybridge Winter Head 2012